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Brunch Bliss in Knoxville

The Brass Pearl and Point B Offer One-of-a-Kind Experiences

Knoxville, with its charming downtown and lively atmosphere, has become a brunch enthusiast's mecca. Among the bounty of brunch spots, two have heightened the brunch experience: Brass Pearl and Point B.

Brass Pearl: Nestled in the heart of downtown Knoxville, on Market Square. The star of the show is their homemade Bloody Mary, a concoction boasting an astounding 24 ingredients. This isn't your average tomato and vodka mix – Brass Pearl takes it to the next level, creating a flavor explosion, and elevated the cocktail by stacking it with shrimp, candied bacon, olives and more.

What got us truly excited? Brass Pearl just launched their Mimosa tray. Picture this: a dazzling array of fresh fruits, juices, and premium sparkling wines laid out before you, allowing you to customize your Mimosa just the way you like it. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also get a Bloody Mary tray to build your own Bloody!

Out west?  The perfect brunch spot does exist.

Point B is the brunch destination you don’t want to miss, complete with an incredible outdoor patio.

What makes Point B stand out are its one-of-a-kind brunch boards. These beautifully curated boards showcase an array of brunch delights, from savory to sweet. Whether you're a fan of a hearty breakfast sandwich, fluffy pancakes, or breakfast tacos, there’s a board for that.

Point B also offers an iconic Mimosa board. Offering premium sparkling wine accompanied by an assortment of fresh juices. Create your own bubbly masterpiece and toast to a brunch well spent.

Of course, we can’t skip the brunch-goer’s favorite, Eggs Benedict. Point B's take on this classic dish is nothing short of legendary. Velvety hollandaise sauce, perfectly poached eggs, and a choice of delectable toppings make this a must-try for any brunch enthusiast.

Whether you're in the heart of downtown Knoxville or out west, Knoxville's brunch scene has something for everyone. With mouthwatering Bloody Marys, customizable Mimosas, and brunch boards that redefine the concept of indulgence, these spots are not just places to eat – they're experiences.

  • The Brass Pearl
  • The Brass Pearl
  • Point B
  • Point B
  • The Brass Pearl

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