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Photo by Shelbie Whitten

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Brushing Away Stress

The Therapeutic Magic of Watercolor with Volta Voloshin-Smith

In a fast-paced world filled with deadlines and demands, finding moments of calm and connection becomes increasingly vital. Volta Voloshin-Smith, an accomplished watercolor artist originally from Moldova, currently residing in Plano, has discovered the transformative power of art therapy. Through her creative and meditative workshops, she has been helping corporate teams and private groups not only unleash their artistic potential, but also find a sense of tranquility in the process.

Volta's signature workshop and online course, "Watercolor Meditation," goes beyond conventional art sessions. By integrating breathing techniques with the simple yet profound act of brushwork, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and stress reduction. The workshops are designed not only to foster creativity, but also to serve as a preventative measure against burnout, promoting mental well-being in the workplace and beyond. Her unique ability to infuse life into individuals and brands through live painting and memorable animations sets her apart.

As the author of "Watercolor Snacks" (2021) and the host of the "Calm and Creative" podcast, Volta is a prominent voice in advocating the mental health benefits of art. 

Beyond workshops and publications, Volta specializes in making events unforgettable. Through bespoke watercolor live painting of guests and objects, she adds a touch of magic to every occasion. 

In a world that often feels chaotic, Voloshin-Smith's artistry stands as a beacon of tranquility, offering individuals and organizations the opportunity to breathe, create and find solace in the vibrant world of watercolors.

Reach out to Volta at to learn more about her workshops and events.

  • Photo by Shelbie Whitten
  • Photo by Autem Lightly Photography