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Buckhaven Mothers Live Authentically to Make A Global Impact 

One of the hardest decisions mothers make today is whether to stay at home with their children or to pursue careers outside the home. Sometimes you can have both, and three Buckhead women are proof that you can create a professional legacy for the next generation while simultaneously serving as a living role model for your own daughters.

Buckhead resident Jillian Pritchard Cooke has become known in Atlanta and throughout the U.S. for her natural, sustainable and healthy interior design.  Most recently she created Wellness Within Your Walls (WWYW), an award-winning globally-recognized health and wellness building standard with a mission to reduce harmful interior environmental toxins. A rare tissue cancer diagnosis propelled Jillian to learn all she could about cancers and other diseases that can be caused by chemical and environmental exposures.

On her journey, she has worked closely with Nonnie Preuss, also a Buckhead resident. Jillian and Nonnie met years before when their daughters, Caillin and Charlotte, were preschool classmates. Jillian was immediately drawn to Nonnie’s energy. Ironically, their husbands both worked at CNN, and they had much in common. Prior to her WWYW involvement, Nonnie ran Camp Riva-Lake, her family’s summer residential camp for girls founded in 1922. Upon meeting Nonnie then, Jillian recalls being impressed with the camp’s generational focus on empowering young women and nurturing their holistic mind, body and soul.

Since those preschool years, Jillian and Nonnie reconnected and joined forces with a common belief that education is paramount to success. Nonnie helped Jillian write the four courses that comprise WWYW’s award-winning global standard and her role evolved to Executive Director of Wellness Within Your Walls.  Nonnie’s role is critical as WWYW certifies people, places, products and programs, including their soon-to-be-announced concierge real estate service in Atlanta. 

Completing the female-run WWYW team is Ramie Little, a Brookhaven resident. Ramie juggles being mom to two amazing daughters, Kirby and Ciel, while finding balance between her other role of practicing law.  At WWYW Ramie handles business development and legal affairs, such as branding, licensing and trademarking.   

WWYW, a “triple mom threat,” has completed seven case study homes, six in the U.S. and one in London. The Natural House, designed by HRH Prince Charles, is a perfect example of a home designed with healthy, natural products. The team often references HRH’s book Harmony that emphasizes a holistic approach to the building and design process. 

Industry leaders today compare WWYW to LEED in its early days. The WWYW standard differs, however, in that its primary concern is health and well being, not energy efficiency. WWYW created the Healthy Living System, its 10-step holistic approach compatible with all of today’s best building practices. WWYW is recognized by the National Association of Home Builders, ASID, Sustainable Furnishing Council, and The Prince’s Foundation. Additionally, WWYW is in partnership with Buckhead developer Stephen Macauley to redevelop the historic Fort McPherson property and track health outcomes to help transform the building and design industries.  

These three power moms credit the women and men who mentored them, and strive to live with purpose daily to inspire the next generation of young women. Jillian, Nonnie and Ramie feel that when you are true to yourself and work hard to pursue your passions, you can live authentically and make a difference to truly change lives.

  • Jillian Pritchard Cooke