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Build your own fire pit

Check out these helpful tips for this DIY project

As we move into the fall season, we can finally plan those outdoor gatherings with family and friends. When you add a fire pit into the mix, it becomes the focal point of your outdoor entertaining. So, why not do your homework and build your own fire pit?  


  1. Choose your location.  Be sure you are meeting building and fire code standards and ideally are 25 feet from a house or a tree. Consider how many guests you want to be able to accommodate when determining the pit measurements.
  2. Pick your style and shape and measure the size. 
  3. Outline your chosen space using marking paint, string, and a stake to indicate the center of the pit.
  4. Level the pit using a shovel and use gravel as the base for your fire pit. Try to avoid loosening the underlying soil.
  5. Begin to layer your blocks with the sides touching. You can use a level to make sure the blocks are even as you add layers.
  6. Focus on finishing touches and remove loose debris.

Spend Less.  Look at low-cost bricks, pavers, concrete, and other materials. It’s possible spend around $50 and leave with everything you need. Do your homework and get creative!

Not into DIY?  Talk to a contractor for additional ideas and discuss your design plans if you aren’t quite comfortable with doing it all on your own. Be sure to share your ideas and styles on what you like and what you want to avoid.