Building a Bond with Your Dog

Honey Dog Training owner Jessica Graham provides private, in-home dog training sessions for her clients.

A dog’s purpose is to love and be loved in return.

Over the past three years, Honey Dog Training founder and Lead Trainer Jessica Graham has provided the greater Orange County area with private, in-home dog training services designed to help families and their pets learn how to better understand and respect each other.  https://www.honeydogtraining.com/

“Many times, my clients specifically ask for dog training regarding babies and children. I teach them dog psychology to understand how to best advocate not only for dogs but for their children, too,” she explains. “It’s important to teach both parties how to respect one another, especially in terms of safety,” she says.

Jessica firmly believes that proper dog training improves the relationship between dogs and their families by establishing a clear line of communication, trust, and socialization, boosting confidence for all parties.

Jessica also offers a line of innovative leashes that provide additional flexibility. “If you’re an on-the-go, busy parent, my leashes offer you the ability to not only go hands-free on walks but also the ability to be able to tether onto your stroller or a tree while enjoying a picnic with your kiddos.”

“Our hands-free leash allows you to maintain complete control over your child's movements. It allows you to engage in activities like jogging, pushing a stroller, or even carrying groceries, all while keeping your little one safely by your side, a feature that so many of my momma clients enjoy,” she says.

“It’s important to view my leash tutorial so you know exactly how to put it on correctly and effectively. I would also advise doing a single session to learn how to walk with your dog on a loose leash, otherwise, this leash is especially great for dogs who already walk on a loose leash beside you.”

In addition to educating families and their furry family members of all breeds and sizes, Jessica considers herself to be a lifelong learner when it comes to studying canines.  

“I believe what helps me grow in knowledge and advance my business is the amount of education I continue to partake in, whether it be through workshops, seminars, or shadowing programs—I am always a student of the dog,” she says.  “I also value doing workshops specifically on personal and business development in order to improve my skills.”

Inspired by her experience with special needs children, as well as her devotion to her own dog, Jax, who also has special needs, Jessica’s mission has come full circle through her business.

“I know for certain that my love for child behavior and development has really sparked my love of dogs and behavior modification. I also owe so much to my dog, who has taught me how to think outside of your typical sit, stay, and come commands, really meeting his needs both physically and mentally in order to be a well-balanced, fulfilled dog.”

The sky is the limit for Honey Dog Training, and Jessica has her sights set on continued expansion.

“My vision for the next year is to continue growing my community. I just recently started a podcast called Canid Conversations, available on both Apple and Spotify, specifically geared toward helping dog owners that are struggling with their dogs.”  

“I want the community to know that training dogs is not just about training their dog—more importantly, it’s about training the owner on how to coexist with their dog, so that everyone is fulfilled and happy,” she says.

“Dogs and children should live life together with a mutual understanding of trust and respect, creating harmony within their relationship and the family as a whole.” 

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