Building a Dance Community

Locals create nurturing space for empowered athletes

China Hendry, co-founder of Envision Dance and Gymnastics, emphasizes their mission: "We want each athlete to feel welcome, challenged, and loved while at Envision, and we hope that each athlete that completes our program feels confident in their abilities not only as a dancer/gymnast, but also as they transition to life after the studio."

Envision Dance and Gymnastics, established by China Hendry and Breanna “Bre” Acosta, stands as a nurturing ground for resilient, self-assured, and empathetic athletes. Their motivation to open the studio stemmed from desiring a space where their own children could receive top-tier training within a familial atmosphere.

"Every time I drive down Southern Highlands Parkway, I see signs for community events and parks everywhere I turn, and an overall sense of ‘this is the place you want to raise a family,'" remarked China, reflecting on the conducive environment for encouraging young talent.

The founders aim to set Envision as the pinnacle of excellence in training, ethos, and professionalism in the realm of studios, drawing inspiration from the vibrant entertainment scene of Las Vegas. 

China affirms, "Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world! There are so many outstanding professionals in our field, and we want to be able to bring those individuals in to make Envision THE top choice for training for life as a professional dancer/gymnast."

Envision Dance and Gymnastics doesn't merely operate as a studio; it represents the amalgamation of two seasoned figures in the valley's dance and gymnastics community. China and Bre, long harboring dreams of establishing their own studio, found the perfect opportunity when Bre was offered the chance to take over an existing studio.

"Bre came to me and said, 'I found us a studio!' After some deliberation, we decided to move forward with the acquisition. Through the process, we brought in our studio director, Kathy Humphries, who also owned her own studio, and we decided to merge the two together to create one incredible studio," shared China.

Envision actively participates in local parades, performances, charity events, and extends discounted rates to middle and high school cheer and dance programs, ensuring financial constraints don't hinder an athlete's growth. The studio prioritizes fostering relationships, self-esteem, discipline, respect, and a strong work ethic among its athletes.

Enrollment at Envision Dance is made seamless through their website, www.envisiondanceandgymnastics.com, offering a first-class free trial for prospective students. They cater to various age groups, offering diverse classes from ballet and jazz to gymnastics, ensuring a comprehensive education in a familial setting.

Looking forward, China and Bre aspire for Envision to be the preeminent studio in Las Vegas, aiming to create an All-Star Dance program, a unique initiative in the city, and aim for representation at USASF Worlds. Their recent victory with local high school teams at Nationals in 2023 fuels their ambition to replicate success with Envision in 2024.

Envision Dance and Gymnastics epitomizes more than a studio; it represents a community, a family, and a wellspring of inspiration for budding athletes. China concludes, "We care deeply about both athletes and want to make sure everyone knows that we are more than just dance."

"We want each athlete to feel welcome, challenged, and loved while at Envision."

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