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Building A Quality Reputation

Doing The Right Thing Leads To Great Success

Trevor Brunsvold, owner of TN Quality Roofing & Siding, never intended to spend his life in construction. “I started working in construction when I was young, with my grandpa who owned a concrete company, but later I went to school at MTSU [Middle Tennessee State University] to get out of construction,” he says.

Shortly after graduating with an agricultural business degree, Trevor struggled to find a career path that made him happy and allowed him to earn a good living. When he was offered a job with a major home building company, he took it. “After doing that for three years, I decided to start doing repairs on my own, and it just kind of grew from there.”

He always enjoyed the process of building, working with his hands, solving problems and making customers happy. When he started doing small jobs on his own, he quickly found it much more fulfilling than building spec homes.

“It was more personal, and when I saw the joy on my customers’ faces when the jobs were complete, it was great. I still get goosebumps when we do a renovation and they come out and they're just amazed. We've even had customers shed happy tears  - there's absolutely no better feeling than that.”

When he told his family and friends that he was quitting his full-time job and starting his own company, TN Quality Roofing, in March of 2020, they thought he was crazy.

“In a way, COVID actually helped the company grow because everybody was at home and they were looking at what they could do around the house.”

From then on, TN Quality Roofing & Siding continued to build a solid reputation and ended up expanding its services. Today, it offers siding, gutters, and window and door installations as well.

“We also do a little bit of brick work, a little bit of stone - pretty much everything on the exterior of the home.”

Trevor stands behind the “Quality” in his company’s name. “Because of my background, I know the difference between good products and cheap products. We have partnered with Owen’s Corning, one of the bigger names in the industry that offer high-quality products.”

The company’s installation crews and staff are also trained specifically by the manufacturers of the products they handle, which also include James Hardie® and Pella® windows. “We take our crews, our project managers, and our management teams to these installation trainings and are partnered with many companies at a preferred level.”

These trainings, he explains, ensure that everyone who works for him is installing products correctly and doing all the touch-ups the right way. “There are a lot of contractors out there that don't do that,” says Trevor. “You could have the best quality product, but if it's not installed properly, it's going to fail.”

Trevor and his managers are also on job sites, triple checking that everything is installed just right. “We also back that with a five-year workmanship warranty - no questions asked. We take care of it 100 percent from the material to the labor.”

He also makes sure none of his salespeople are pushy. “We're here to educate the homeowners throughout the process and help them. Our slogan, which I tell everyone we hire to make sure we’re all on the same page, is do the right thing and the rest will take care of itself. That's how we build our reputation.” The company also works well with a wide range of budgets.

Another way the company can assist homeowners is by working with them through the insurance claim process. “My sales manager has over 15 years of experience in the industry working with insurance companies,” he says. “He actually used to work for an insurance company, so he knows all the ins and outs if it’s related to storm damage. He understands how to help homeowners get repairs covered.”

Trevor, who grew up in Murfreesboro and was raised by parents who were in the U.S. Navy (his mother was a jet mechanic), now lives in Chapel Hill with his wife Callie. “We have a pit bull, Thor, and an American Bulldog, Odin, that we love like our little babies, but we also have three goats, two miniature donkeys, and seven chickens – our own little mini farm.”

They will soon be adding to their family. “A fun fact that nobody knows yet besides our immediate family is we are actually expecting our first child in November,” he says.

Tips on Hiring a Contractor:

- Make sure the general contractor has a home improvement license, at the bare minimum, or a general contractor's license. Even better, they should have general liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance.

- They should be a certified and preferred roofer through a manufacturer, which means they've gone through training with that manufacturer and know the proper way to install that product.

- Look at reviews on Google, the Better Business Bureau and Facebook. Find out how long they’ve been in business.

- Ask family and friends for referrals. 

- The contractor must be local. If you need warranty service, storm chasers from other states are usually not going to travel back to Tennessee to handle those claims.

- The contractor should know the insurance process from start to finish. Homeowners also need to familiarize themselves with their insurance policies.

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