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Sebring Design Build, which started in the Western suburbs of Chicago over 23 years ago, focuses on managing every aspect of home building, remodelling and interior design. In addition to only hiring the most highly talented craftsmen and other tradesmen, Bryan Sebring also believes the people on his team need to have strong ethical values.

“The culture in the company is really important,” says Bryan. “I'm building a business here in Tennessee, and I've had about 150 interviews with subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers in order to look at their work and make sure the quality is there. That’s important, but it's also about the relationships I have with them - that they’re people I can trust. Character is the number one thing I look for when hiring because I’m sending them out to peoples' homes.”

Bryan also strongly values family, and decided to move with his wife and children to Franklin in 2020 so his daughter, Brye, could pursue her musical career. “Work-life balance is very important to me,” he says. “I worked very hard in my business and especially early on before I had kids. I have four now and as they grew up, I made it my focus to go to their sporting events and all of their plays. I wasn’t going to miss anything.”

Relocating to the area, he says, turned out to be a great move for both his family and his business. “The people are so kind and generous and nice, and that's what we wanted. We live in Westhaven, and we love our community. People are friendly and it’s just so peaceful.”

Shown here is just one example of the amazing work that Sebring Design Build can do. “The homeowners were tired of their nonfunctional, outdated kitchen,” says Victoria Pelly-Lauer, AKBD, the designer on the project. “The goal was to transform the space into a high-end, accessory-filled space, perfect for having multiple family gatherings.” The quartz countertops, high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, and large island certainly gave them that.”

When completed, she says the family gave them a 5-star review. “We listened to their priorities and made sure each was incorporated into the design. They mentioned we were able to finish the project within the time frame they were expecting, as well as provide quick and effective solutions when unexpected issues popped up.”

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