Building Community

Good bye water cooler chatter.

Hello, fitness, community and luxury.

The newest coworking space in Buckhead is in a world-class health club. Sounds smart, right? Here's the scoop from the team Life Time Work.

Tell us about the Life Time workspace and what makes it special.

Life Time Work is the first and only coworking concept that combines exceptional spaces with a world-class health club experience. Our Buckhead location is located alongside our 127,000 square foot athletic country club within Phipps Plaza and members of Life Time Work have access to not only Life Time Buckhead but also to all of our 170+ Life Time locations across the U.S. and Canada. Those who choose to work out of Life Time Work have a commitment to health and well-being and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals and business owners is unique.

The evolution from gym to coworking space makes sense. The sense of community can nurture the whole person. 

Life Time Work is changing the face of work for individuals and companies who’ve chosen to make it their home. Healthy workspaces do wonders and it goes beyond a pretty place – the smell, lighting, colors, music, and snacks all play a role in the environment we’re creating every day. Life Time Work is directly connected to the club, and the space itself is full of areas for members to come together – whether the solarium/kitchen, open lounge spaces, and tables.  It truly creates an environment of collaboration. Special events like guest speakers, group workouts, happy hours, and other events bring people together. Life Time Work provides its members with ongoing networking opportunities.

Who might we meet there?

At a time when hybrid work continues to become part of the normal routine, Life Time Work is unique in that it not only connects to the community of your workplace but opens the door for so much collaboration with others. We love seeing companies or entrepreneurs develop new relationships – even business growth because of the connections they’re making.


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