Building Local Love for our Area Seniors

Tiger Lily's Unique Foundation and Caring Approach

Article by Patti Gordon

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

It’s inevitable that we age. When we think about what we pass down to our children or what we leave behind for our families, one thing we don’t focus on enough is how to support ourselves once we no longer have the financial or physical means to do so. According to data, we’re living longer now and because of this, we need to be more proactive in how we approach what short-term or long-term care means to us and our families.

Frank and Laurie Woods know what a struggle this can be for families as they too have their own stories of caring for older parents and navigating the options of senior care. Because of this, they came into real estate with a tender heart for seniors. They knew they could combine their two passions together and help people through two complex processes that require extensive time and research. With that idea, Tiger Lily Real Estate was born.

With passion rooted in providing buyers and sellers opportunities to improve their lives by helping them navigate out of difficult housing situations with understanding and integrity, while at the same time helping them into other options for each respective season of life (something that is forgotten many times), has truly been their calling. Too many times in a real estate transaction, the “why’s” are lost and the stories and needs are neglected. But, Frank and Laurie make it their mission to truly be a helping hand, especially to those making a transition in life.

To this and as a husband and wife investor team, they have modeled their business to be a help to seniors who have decided to downsize and transition into more stable, long-term care options. Instead of going through a daunting real estate process, many times involving repairs and decluttering and burdensome labors of love clearing out decades of items sometimes, Tiger Lily simplifies and diminishes the worries by navigating a family or individual through this process.

Frank and Laurie’s heart for seniors extends beyond housing. Laurie volunteers at senior homes with her portable sewing machine and enjoys the contagious laughs and generational stories. Through all the friends she has made in the senior community and seeing those in senior living facilities who may not have had other options for long-term care, this only furthers her desire to help those aging in our community who look for local living solutions.

Frank and Laurie are also members of the Senior Services Network, Geriatric Counsel of Sumner County and Real Estate Investors of Nashville (where Laurie serves on the board). They have published a book titled, Paying For Long-Term Care - The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care.  They also partner with the Paying for Long-Term Care initiative to provide families with resources to empower them in their decisions and help navigate their loved one’s transition to long-term care. You won’t find an investor group that is more knowledgeable or specialized in this specialty demographic.

Although senior living transitions is their specialty, they continue to provide other opportunities and services outside of senior transition. With their ability to buy homes as-is, they seek homes with great potential and pair that with a local family who is also seeking a home in our area and is able to custom-remodel it to their needs. Tiger Lily Real Estate not only invests in homes but also in our community where they continue building the trust and relationships of seniors and families and continue to pour back into them. A true heart and local love for our community is what is most evident and seeing that radiating throughout all of Tiger Lily’s efforts is such a benefit to our area and anyone with whom they come in contact. 

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