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Building Relationships Through Intentional Design

Doyle Family Dentistry's Inviting Atmosphere

Upon entering Doyle Family Dentistry, you may think you have entered a spa.  From the serene color palette to the impeccable decor, it is clear that everything in the practice was chosen purposefully. 

Aware of the trepidation many people feel about going to the dentist, Dr. Callie Doyle set out to change the narrative when she opened her practice a decade ago.  “We wanted the atmosphere to be calming and soothing. The aromatherapy, the instrumental music, and the waterfall are present in the background to support a sense of mindfulness and help people feel comfortable and at ease.”  Doyle’s intentional choices and eye for design permeate throughout the practice. 

Growing up, Doyle’s own dental journey highlighted the importance of the patient’s perspective.  She stresses, “What the patient feels, what they perceive, what they understand, and what they experience make up the sum of their feelings towards dentistry. This concept of framing all aspects for the patient’s approval is at the core of all our systems and is the ‘why’ behind what we do.”  

Doyle Family Dentistry's primary focus is on partnering with patients.  “We are deliberate in taking our time with our patients, not only to build a relationship with them, but also to understand what is going on in their lives as this will affect the oral environment and conditions of the teeth, gums, jaw muscles and jaw joints,” Dr. Doyle says. 

Through these connections and genuine relationships, patients become an integral part of their own dental journey. Doyle highlights, “When our patients leave, their predominant impression is that they have been visiting with an old friend and the dentistry that occurred during their stay was just a byproduct of their visit. We authentically care, we love what we do, and we genuinely love our patients.” 

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