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Building the Perfect Bouquet

Use this guide when ordering Valentine's Day bouquets

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in many ways. Some people choose to go out for dinner and a movie, others hire a private chef for a romantic meal at home, some buy chocolates and find a fun activity in town, and some couples go out of town for an exciting getaway! One Valentine’s Day staple is giving a bouquet of flowers to someone special. Flowers are the gift that say I love you and can be given to your spouse, children, and mom. As a child, my father always got me roses on Valentine’s Day until I met my husband and he took over the tradition. A bouquet of flowers can say many things as each flower has a different meaning. If you’re wanting to say something special to the ones you love this Valentine’s Day, take a look at our list of three popular flowers, what they mean, and what flowers to pair them with.



Love and Romance

Roses are by far the most popular flower to give on Valentine’s Day. They are beautiful by themselves or you can add Baby’s Breath to enhance the bouquet. These two make a romantic bouquet and are the perfect flowers to give to someone special.


Purity and Fertility 

Lilies come in a variety of colors and are eye-catching! For a softer looking bouquet, pair your lilies with carnations. These two combined are fun and heartwarming and are a great gift for anyone.


Perfect or Deep Love

A bouquet of tulips will brighten and space! Adding some Ranunculus, also known as buttercup, will compliment the tulips wonderfully. These flowers have a refreshing look that will decorate any home beautifully in a crystal vase.