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When Michael Giacopelli had his luxury house in Chatham built in 2005, he was disappointed in the quality and workmanship. Coming from a family with over 80 years in the construction industry and having a construction background himself, he knew he could do a much better job.

So, he founded Mijack Homebuilders. Mijack, based in Chatham, is a combination of the names of his sons – Michael and Jack. The “a” in the name was given a lavender hue when daughter Nicolina was born.

“We pay attention to details,” says Mike. “For example, instead of just using forced hot air, we'll use a hydrocoil, which heats the air with hot water instead of a flame. This doesn’t dry out the air as much. We’ll soundproof interior walls and use solid doors, which a lot of builders don’t do.” He’s also now building smart homes that are not only controlled through phones, but by voice.

The high-quality homes Mijack creates are the epitome of luxury. Open concept floor plans, large kitchens with islands, finished third floors and basements, and primary bedroom suites are the norm. But, along with these standard necessities, what Mike really loves to do is incorporate unique and exciting details, many of which he has done in his own home.

“I have a detached garage, and on top of it, we made a deck with a fire pit, television and some couches,” he says. “So we have an entertainment space in the yard, but also on the roof. You can see great sunsets from up there. Also, if you have different crowds, one group of say college kids can hang out up there while everyone else is down below.”

Under the garage, he built a man cave and under the house, a basketball court. He also installed a lagoon-like swimming pool with boulders and a lazy river, which was a promise to his son Michael.

In addition to severe food allergies, Michael developed PANS, which causes inflammation in the brain. “The virus actually attacks the brain and makes people basically go crazy,” says Mike. “He was only 8 years old at the time, and because he couldn't sleep, I would lay with him on a mattress in the family room and we would watch Lucas Lagoons and the crazy pools that were being built. I told him once he got better we would build a pool just like that.”

Fortunately, he and his wife Yvette found a doctor who saved Michael’s life so he could enjoy that pool along with his entire family.

In addition to building homes, Mike is also opening a restaurant with long-time friends in Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island. Called Azzurri, which means blue in Italian, it’s expected to open to the public this spring.

To discover how Mike and his team can create your luxury home, go to MijackHomebuilders.com. And if you’re ever on the Island, stop into Azzurri for a delicious meal.

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