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Bumblebee Bins: A Better Way to Play

Article by Jessica Wayman

Photography by Elaine Drabik Photography

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

Put down the iPads. Turn off the televisions. Now, there’s a more stimulating way for children to play. Sensory play engages children’s senses while sharpening important developmental skills.

Angela Davis, owner of Bumblebee Bins and Franklin resident of sixteen years, discovered this form of activity when she found that her oldest son benefitted from a different approach to learning and developing behavior. Things like playdough, sand boxes and sensory bins that she would make for him at home would keep his attention for a lot longer than other activities.

Eventually, during summer of 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Angela noticed that there were no kids outside in her neighborhood anymore and wondered what parents were doing to entertain them. “I knew I was fighting the battle of trying to keep my kids off screens, and I thought we were all probably fighting the same battle,” said Angela. She learned how to make sensory bins and scented playdough and took off with it.

A superior alternative to any child sitting in front of a screen, sensory play supports cognitive development and speech development, eases anxiety, encourages creativity and enhances problem solving skills that lay a foundation for future learning, according to Angela. When children are playing with the sensory bins, they’re using four of their five senses. Bumblebee Bins all come with a few items like scented playdough, a dough roller, and a cookie cutter. Then,
they contain items specific to their themes. For instance, the mermaid-themed bin contains things like mermaid figurines, crystals, pearls, seaweed, and real shells. Likewise, the dinosaur-themed bin contains dinosaur figurines, black river rocks, lava rocks, and toy dinosaur bones. The divided bin comes in handy to sort the contents which can be very satisfying and calming to some children. Bumblebee Bins also include a caregiver guide that lists approximately twenty
activities that an adult caregiver can participate in with their child.

Bumblebee Bins are a great activity for children ages 18 months and older. Pick up one for your child at Fork of the South General Store located in The Factory of Franklin or shop dozens of beautiful bins online and have them shipped for free at