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A Lippert backdrop at a camping event

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Business as a force for good

Lippert Industries is a leader in incorporating everyone into the team

Article by Karoline Chapman and Sally Crocker

Photography by Lippert Industries website

Originally published in Southlake City Lifestyle

In the fast-paced, competitive business world, company culture can make all the difference in attracting top talent, driving innovation and achieving long-term success. LCI Industries (NYSE: LCII), a global manufacturing company serving the recreational vehicle, marine, automotive and transportation industries, has distinguished itself through its exceptional and distinctive culture.

With over 120 divisions and 14,000 team members worldwide, the company is recognized for prioritizing employee well-being before profits. Over the last 20-plus years, CEO Jason Lippert has worked tirelessly to cultivate this coveted company culture.

Lippert’s company values are more than just words on a piece of paper. They’re the guiding principles shaping every decision and action within the organization. Passion, trust, honesty, integrity, candor, a positive attitude and caring deeply for others are the values that guide every decision at every level.

“We have an entire department dedicated to culture and leadership development,” says Lippert. “Our values are real – there are 30 people in our culture and leadership development department to prove to our team members that we are actually focused on culture and leader development. While most companies would incorporate this function into human resources, we’ve created a special department where people are teaching culture and developing leadership.”

This culture guides the business and drives the company’s success.

Lippert's culture emerged through a democratic process involving 21 executives who deliberated on what was important to the entire organization. Together, they envisioned how Lippert would be perceived years into the future. This inclusive approach to culture creation reflected the aspirations and beliefs of the leadership team and enabled leadership to build alignment and shared values throughout the company.

This commitment to being a unified team is integrated into every aspect of Lippert’s operations, ensuring that all employees are successful and that thriving is a top priority. 

“88% of working Americans feel like their employers don’t care about them,” says Lippert. “So I regularly check in with our team members to make sure they feel cared for. Each week, other leaders in our business and I hold listening sessions with frontline team members at our divisions, to make sure we’re staying aligned to our values at the forefront. Most team members report that they’ve never worked for a company that cares about its team and values so much. I want to help everyone who works for us to reach their goals.” 

Having acquired over 75 businesses, Lippert faced the challenge of integrating its culture into diverse organizations. Prior to Lippert's involvement, these acquired companies were often in need of a robust culture and accountability framework. Lippert ensures that its culture is embraced by all, introducing accountability measures and helping employees align with the company's values and leadership qualities. 

“Business can be a force for good,” says Lippert. “Consider how many people are impacted by their work: if we do culture and leadership right, we can make the world a better place by impacting people in a positive way. How leaders conduct themselves can impact team members not just in the workplace, but also at the end of the day when they’ve gone home. I encourage all leaders to consider the culture they’re creating and how they can be positive changemakers through business.” 

Because other organizations have noticed and aspire to the Lippert culture, the company also offers a leadership academy serving external businesses, nonprofits and individuals through various programs and offerings, including on-site training and leadership development programs, executive coaching, speaking engagements and a two-day in-house leadership development experience.

“If people are impacted well at work, they tend to go home and impact their families in the same way. It’s not all about the job and not just about revenues and profits – work should also be a nurturing, positive, meaningful experience for our people,” Lippert says.

As a leading manufacturer with global reach, LCI Industries serves a wide variety of industries. The company’s primary business is all things outdoor adventure, including RV, marine and towing, but it doesn’t stop there. With extensive manufacturing capabilities and a winning team, LCI designs and produces components for a broad customer base.

Jason Lippert is President, CEO and Director of LCI Industries. He joined the Board of Directors in 2007, became company President and CEO of Lippert in 2003 and has been CEO of LCI Industries since 2013. He’s held various leadership positions over the last 30 years, with deep knowledge of the industries and customers LCI serves, and extensive experience in strategic planning, acquisitions, marketing, manufacturing and product sales.

  • A Lippert backdrop at a camping event
  • Two Lippert Scouts, volunteers who test products with the guidance of Lippert staff
  • Lippert staff in a meeting
  • Camping using Lippert products