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Dam + West

Boutique Video Production Creating Branded Content for Forward Thinking Brands

The Journey
Danielle Kaplowitz is a Stamford native. She met Ramsey Mellette in 2004 while living in Los Angeles. Danielle was working as a professional actor/voice-over talent. She was a fan-favorite on the series, Community. Ramsey a graduate of USC Film School lived in the apartment downstairs. They became fast friends and began dating three years later. They married in 2011. They have two children, Jonah 9 and Maisie 7.

The couple moved to Stamford in January of 2021 to be closer to family. As they settled into their new lives, they realized that the best choice for their family would be to invest in themselves and their future by creating a business in which they could excel. They wanted to have something that was their own; something that would highlight their talents and creativity while exploring different types of stories and story-telling. “We wanted to build something that we and our family could be proud of.” 

Dam + West is a boutique video production studio launched in 2021, specializing in branded content, corporate video, commercials, event capture, sizzles, interviews and more. They bring 35 years of collective experience working in the Entertainment industry. Danielle is the producer and director. Her strengths are working with people and handling all logistics. Ramsey is the creative and technical brain. He is as good at story and editing as he is at understanding all the technical aspects of filming. Because they each bring such unique qualities to the table, they truly complement each other.

“We have a wonderful network of film professionals. On the home front, we are lucky enough to live near family and have amazing friends. We get a lot of encouragement and support which is awesome. It definitely takes a village.”

If you're looking to invest in your company's brand, consider Dam + West. Their client list includes Shiseido, WebMD, healthline, and more. Check out their website to see examples of the high-quality work this young company is creating.

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