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Isidre Baques 

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Business Men Making a Difference in the Meadows

James Lewis, Isidre Baques, and Steve Peterson all share a love for this community

Castle Rock’s thriving business community is home to many incredible men, women, and families who’ve poured their hearts and souls into serving their customers and giving back to the people who’ve contributed to their success.

James Lewis, Isidre Baques, and Steve Peterson are no exceptions. While they took very different routes to get where they are, they each attribute their business success to the community's support, especially in tough economic times like during the pandemic. 

With businesses in the Meadows community, these men are helping shape what it means to live and work in this fast-growing city.

Isidre Baques 

As the owner of Castle Rocks and Jewelry, Isidre (Isi) Baques spends his days immersed in precious stones, artifacts, watches, and fine jewelry. He and his wife, Jennifer, opened the store in 2017, combining his experience as a wholesale jewelry seller and her gift for jewelry design.

Isi grew up in Barcelona, Spain, and got into the jewelry business by chance when he befriended the president of the Jewelry Makers Association in southern Spain. Isi’s friend soon hired him to sell jewelry, and it wasn’t long before he met Jennifer at a jewelry design show in Barcelona.

Isi spent many years living in New York City and traveling the country before moving to Castle Rock, where they now live with their two young children, Leo and Noah. Jennifer is from Glenwood Springs, and they were attracted to Castle Rock’s lifestyle and the fact that the city had little competition in the way of jewelry stores.  

“One thing we love about our community,” said Isi, “is that the people here love to work with local businesses.” 

Their business took a 3-month hit during the pandemic but rebounded quickly. Isidre said their business has grown every year since it opened. Every three months, they host an art show on behalf of an artist where they exhibit and sell that person’s work.

Castle Rocks and Jewelry specializes in engagement rings, custom jewelry design, and repair. Isidre says they can match or beat any price because of their worldwide contacts and industry knowledge. 

Steve Peterson

Steve Peterson, owner of two Christian Brothers Automotive locations (Castle Rock and Castle Pines), considers himself incredibly fortunate to run a business he loves in such a beautiful and welcoming community.

After 25 years in the healthcare industry, Steve was ready for a change. He and his family had spent most of their lives in the Dallas area, and, with their children out of the house and the sale of the hospital company he’d started with two partners, he realized this was their chance to live anywhere.

Like many who end up in Colorado, Steve, his wife Andrea, and their two daughters had been out skiing many times and were attracted to the state’s outdoor lifestyle. As he researched franchise opportunities, he found Christian Brothers was expanding in Denver. As a customer, he knew the company had a solid customer service track record, something he wanted in whatever business he chose.

“Christian Brothers did a great job of providing the support and industry expertise that we needed to get going,” Steve said. “Getting up to speed on the industry wasn't as complicated as I thought it might be.”

Since opening his first location in 2014, Steve has served on the board of the nonprofit Hide in Plain Sight and as a Catholic Public Works Foundation commissioner. He’s also on the board of the Castle Rock and Castle Pines Chambers of Commerce.

Peterson said he doesn’t regret moving here for a second. “Everyone is incredibly supportive,” he said.

James Lewis

Step inside Crush Wine Bar in the heart of Castle Rock’s Meadows community, and you’ll receive a warm welcome from a tall, smiling gentleman standing behind the bar. 

With his easygoing demeanor and effortless charm, you’d never guess that man behind the bar, owner James Lewis, had no idea what he was doing when he and his wife Nancy decided to open the restaurant that quickly became a local favorite.

Before opening Crush in 2017, Lewis spent 17 years traveling the country as a national wine sales representative. That all changed one weekend after getting home late Friday night. “I got up in the morning, unpacked, threw clothes in the wash, and started to mow the lawn,” said Lewis.

“I planned to have dinner with Nancy, repack, and go back to the airport, but halfway through mowing the backyard, I thought, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

He found Nancy in the kitchen (she ran a local catering business), looked at her, and said, “Do you want to open a wine bar?” Nancy said yes immediately, and they started looking for a location that week. 

Lewis admits opening a business was incredibly stressful, and there were moments when he worried if they would make it work. But, he credits the amazing Castle Rock community for turning out in droves to support him and Nancy, especially during the pandemic when their business took a massive hit.

“The town turned out in spades to support us in every possible way,” he said. “It was really wonderful to see how the town responded to my local mom-and-pop business. Castle Rock will always be our home.”

Lewis tells anyone spending their time doing something they’re not excited about because it’s safe that sometimes you have to throw safe out the window. “I’m working twice as hard for half the money, but I’ve never been happier.”

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