Buy Yourself Flowers

How to DIY an Arrangement

Article by Jennifer Edwards

Photography by Dayna De Hoyos

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

Thank you to Mary Pat Williams from The Flower Shop for providing instructions for creating beautiful arrangements. 



Plant food

Sprigs of greenery

Variety of stemmed flowers

Clippers, scissors or knife

Step 1:
Choosing a container is the first step in making a beautiful flower arrangement. Once you find one you love, fill it two-thirds full with water. Next, add plant food to keep the flowers fresher longer. Picking your individual stems from the amazing selection at The Flower Shop can prove challenging because of the wide array of colors and varieties, but choosing groups in odd numbers is recommended. You may choose classic favorites, discover something new or choose flowers to fit a particular theme or color scheme for an event. We chose Hydrangea, Roses, and Oriental Lilies for this arrangement.

Step 2:
Once you have selected beautiful stems and greenery, measure them in comparison to the container. The greenery's purpose is to help support the flowers but all of the stems should be cut to one and two-thirds of the height of the container. For example, if your container is nine inches tall, your flowers should be cut to fifteen inches.

Step 3:
Trim the flowers to the appropriate length, using either clippers, scissors, or a knife. It's very important to always cut the stems on an angle as this optimizes their ability to stay hydrated  longer. After trimming to the appropriate length, take most of the leaves off each stem, leaving only a few near the top.

Step 4:
 Insert the greenery first, placing a few around the edge of the container, followed by a couple in the middle. Next, place the largest flowers first, followed by the smaller varieties, using the greenery for support to build various heights.

Step 5:
 Lastly, add a filler flower such as Seeded Eucalyptus. Analyze the arrangement by viewing it from every side to ensure it looks beautiful from every angle. Place in a desired location and enjoy the benefits of your work for days to come!

You can return to The Flower Shop with your container anytime you need fresh stems to create another beautiful arrangement. They also offer various gift items handcrafted by local artists. flowershopboernetexas.com

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