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Tenacity and Hard Work Take This Family Business to New Heights

Arizona was a booming place in 1960. John Webb had apprenticed in cabinet making and thought the growing state could use his custom cabinets. He set up shop in the Stapley Date packing shed, perching a tin roof on four poles. Over the years, the company grew, merged with a countertop company, and brought in the next generation of cabinet makers. Today, Cabinets by C&F, under the leadership of Webb's daughter Kas White and her husband Dennis, continues that family tradition. 

Kas White credits her father with the tenacity to start the business they have today, and the stick-to-it-ness he passed on to her.

"He apprenticed in cabinet making and woodworking as a 14-year-old at Phoenix Tech. He was doing trim carpentry for home builders and started doing cabinets for them," she says. 

Although Webb’s first shop humbly lacked walls, he worked hard and within a few years had a fully equipped cabinet shop in Mesa. That was where White learned to love the cabinet business. By age 6, she was playing with the pneumatic nailer, much to her mother's dismay. 

Her father encouraged White to create.

"He gave me my first little hammer when I was 6, and I still have it to this day."

White went on to work in the industry as a teenager while attending school. Then, school completed, she apprenticed with other experts in the field. She also worked alongside her parents in many capacities at Cabinets by C&F—from receptionist to salesperson. She also computerized the drafting and design process and created the first showroom. 

Dennis White joined Cabinets by C&F in 1998. When Webb retired in 2000, the Whites became managing partners and then purchased the business in 2005. Today, they have two showrooms, including one on Scottsdale Road.

"We design and order manufactured custom cabinets from trusted suppliers and then we supplement that with a cabinet shop under our roof. Our cabinet maker has been with us for more than 35 years," says White. "We've always been very stubborn and tenacious. We have had our fingers all over the Valley since 1960." CabinetsByCandF.com

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