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Cafe Con Leche

Popular cozy cafe offers a unique menu with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options

Most locals know of Café Con Leche as the hidden gem tucked behind Zebra Striped Whale on State Street. The cozy BYOB is a family-owned restaurant that has been surprising visitors with its unique flavor and style since 1997. Owners Daniel and Silvia Lucci are committed to offering their guests exceptional dishes made from the freshest and healthiest ingredients. The cuisine is a fusion of American with South-American and Mediterranean influences, creatively designed by chef Daniel who is able to meld flavors from his native Argentina with hints from many of the other places he has traveled to around the world. Daniel is known for his curiosity for new flavors which allows him to play with ingredients and spices to consistently deliver delicious new dishes. Almost everything they serve is prepared fresh daily, with sauces, main dishes, and desserts made from scratch. Over time, in addition to their traditional meat based dishes, Daniel has added an impressive array of vegan items to the menu, making Café Con Leche a favorite among diners looking for healthy vegetarian and vegan options.

The shift in cuisine occurred quite serendipitously for the Luccis. According to Sylvia, roughly a decade ago their family was facing extreme health issues and financial hardship. Daniel had a loyal customer who was always very upbeat and made him smile. One day, he asked her why she was always so happy and she responded simply, “I’m vegan”. She suggested that he try following a vegan diet for 3 days and the rest is history – he never looked back! In 2015, the Luccis founded LUHV FOOD which is now an award-winning manufacturing company of nutritional vegan foods based on Daniel’s recipes, which are sold in stores like Whole Foods Markets across the region. Sylvia says the couple is now firmly devoted to promoting healthy eating in everything they do. “We help people enjoy wholesome lives while saving the planet by manufacturing cruelty-free vegan foods that are not only healthy, but delicious. We believe we can change the world by the way we eat."

Café con Leche is especially well known for its delicious burritos, amazing quiches, and tasty soups. Daniel has created hundreds of soup recipes, the most popular being Sweet Potato Jalapeno and his famous Energy Soup (made from lentils, quinoa, kale, chickpeas and veggies). Regular visitors will tell you that you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, however. As one customer put it, “just open the menu, point, and whatever you select will be extraordinary."

At this time, the restaurant is offering a limited menu and shorter hours, but they hope to be back in full swing in the near future. They are now offering FREE delivery every day from 5-8pm to Newtown Borough and Township.

Whether you are vegan, non-vegan, or simply looking to try some new flavors, Café Con Leche has something for everyone. Stop by for a visit or takeout – you won’t be disappointed!

16 South State Street

Newtown, PA 18940

(215) 497-1020

Must try:

Black Bean Burger

Sweet Potato Jalapeno soup

Chicken or Vegan Mole Burrito

  • Black bean burger with garden salad and pita
  • Vegan tamale and taquitos