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Warming Up To Wellness

Caliente Cool Springs Targets Stubborn Areas Of Extra Weight Not Reduced By Diet And Exercise

Caliente Contouring may just be the “hottest” cosmetic ticket in town. Owner Claire Dean’s love of health and wellness first attracted her to Caliente Contouring. 

Claire is a licensed physical therapist (PT) and is certified in dry-needling. She says her extensive 20-year PT experience provides specific technical knowledge to be a highly effective body contour and wellness specialist. 

Caliente Contouring is a research-based fat reduction and body sculpting service for women and men, targeting those stubborn areas that don't go away with diet and exercise

When clients consult with her, she says she first focuses on overall wellness.

Caliente Contouring uses filiform needles and a heat source to immediately melt fat. The needles are placed just under the skin into the fat and then gently heated for 30-45 seconds. Claire says It feels like your back is to a campfire, very comfortable and soothing.

She adds that the results are immediate, loss of girth and inches, yet often the following day a more drastic visual effect is seen and felt. "There is zero downtime and you are encouraged to exercise and hydrate to further take advantage of the boost in metabolism. There is no puckering, no lines and no need to stop living life – the lymphatic system will carry the fat to the liver and your body will excrete it," she says. 

Claire says her services can help with many areas, including belly, love handles, chin, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, bra line and arms. 

Caliente also may assist those already maintaining a diet and exercise program, or those kicking off a wellness program. Claire says Caliente Contouring works best for someone who is already health conscious, exercising and eating nutritious foods, but with problem areas they would like to address.

"It is also a great incentive for those who are kicking off a wellness program and healthier lifestyle. Lasting results are related to the client's lifestyle; the better you take care of yourself, the longer it lasts," she says.

Claire Dean, of Caliente Contouring, also has a wellness aspect to her practice and focuses on “Wellness Wednesday’’ through her Instagram page.