Calm and Centered

Find optimal health with the ancient wisdom of yoga and a plant-based lifestyle.

You can find a yoga class just about anywhere, but if you are among the many thousands of people healing from injuries, living with chronic conditions, or feel anxious about being inexperienced, you need something more.

If you took a yoga class and struggled to keep up with the pace, or felt exhausted or restless, there’s nothing wrong with you. Yoga is for everybody, but only the right healing space with an experienced teacher is how to experience the yoga that is right for you. Think of yoga like a big umbrella that covers the body, mind, breath, and energy: when it works, you stay comfortable. When yoga is taught appropriately your mind and body should feel calm, and with the appropriate energy to handle your daily tasks. Through guided practice, eventually, the tools of health and peace of mind will be in your hands. And that is what we do at Full Circle Yoga & Healing Arts.  

Jeff and Kristen Fewel opened Full Circle Yoga in 2010 to satisfy a need for natural health options in Yorba Linda, and still remains one of the longest standing healing arts centers in north Orange County. Although several "big box" yoga studios have come and gone, Jeff and Kristen focus on custom private lessons, professional development, and certification courses. Full Circle Yoga also welcomes established teachers who need a well-appointed space for their students.

While privacy and serenity are touchstones at Full Circle Yoga, they also play a big part in the community. For the past 6 years, they hosted twice-annual Holistic Health Fairs with locally-made goods and services from "soul proprietors," vegan food vendors, and healing artists for shopping and networking. This year, as public health conditions improve (but without haste), the Holistic Health Fair will return, with all measures of safety and concern.

Full Circle Yoga is thankful to be able to continue to offer safe and effective services for the wellbeing and the highest good of our community.  If you are ready to come full circle on your healing journey, visit or call 714-404-2576.

YOGA. Although many people treat yoga as a physical fitness program, it can also be experienced as a gentle therapy that points to a deeper inquiry of the true nature of reality. Yoga was initially intended to be taught one-to-one, from teacher to student, with respect for the student’s needs and abilities. At Full Circle Yoga we custom-design a gentle yoga sequence that meets your needs and goals and evolves with you as your needs change.

MEDITATION. Meditation arises naturally out of a mind cleared of distraction. The job of a skilled yoga teacher is to introduce and reinforce skills of breathing, posture, imagery, and mantra (sound and vibration). With these necessary skills, the student can establish mental steadiness and relaxation in any situation.

ENERGY BALANCING. Reiki (ray-kee) is hands-on healing by a Reiki Master to relieve stress and pain and is a perfect introduction to meditation for people with restless minds. Reiki can even resolve issues where other methods have failed, often in just one or two sessions. Many people also report feelings of renewed spiritual connection. Another form of energy balancing is qi gong (chi-gung), a slow rhythmic movement based in martial arts, which is soothing for the nervous system and is easy to do.

REST & RESTORE. The body is challenged daily by physical, emotional, and mental stress which it must release to find homeostasis, a balance of internal and external harmony. Restorative yoga in a private session is a special (and hassle-free) way to stretch safely and have all your poses and props set up and moved especially for you.

YOGA THERAPY. The principles of breath-centered yoga unite with scientifically-proven therapeutics to create the conditions for healing. Students will receive a custom-designed sequence to support and empower their daily practice. Yoga therapy is a no-tech, non-medical way to get relief from pain and anxiety in a safe, serene environment. 

THE HEALTHIEST LIFESTYLE ON THE PLANET. We agree with leading food scientists that saving your health can be easy – and tasty-- with a nutrition coach focused on your whole food plant-based nutrition. If you’re already in good health, you have the convenience of making small changes; if you struggle with health challenges, there’s no time to waste.

TASTY PLANT RECIPES. Did you know your favorite foods have healthier plant-based alternatives? Almost anything you love to eat can be made with healthier ingredients, and we can tell you how. Switching to a plant-based diet is focused on overall health and not necessarily weight loss, but many people report this when switching to a plant-based lifestyle.

NUTRITION EDUCATION. Many families get stuck in a rut with the same processed or packaged food that contributes to poor health. Call for a consultation so you can start eating healthy with confidence!

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