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A look inside the colorful world of Cami Boyett

On the cold drizzly day I visited artist Cami Boyett in her studio, stepping over the threshold was akin to arriving in wonderland, to an enchanted snuggery, or perhaps even over the rainbow. Engulfed in the colorful charisma of her studio, Cami’s lively paintings preside in this orderly space, which is brimming with upcycled antiques, deer antlers, books, painted soft furnishings, chandeliers, and shelves stacked with inspiration in every nook. 

Cami’s paintings express the same kind of exuberance and convivial excitement that her workspace does, so it’s not surprising to hear that her inspiration includes the idyllic garden which surrounds her studio.  A restful country oasis, with beehives and magnolia trees, where upcycled planters spill with color during the warmer months. 

Refusing to be pigeonholed into a specific artist genre, Cami’s artworks span from completely abstract, to more representational pieces, as well as 3D works, where she upcycles antique bone China flowers, alongside deer antlers, and other rescued treasures to create one-of-a-kind, assemblage works.

Not limiting herself to one media, Cami creates her paintings using acrylics, oils, pencils, colored markers and collage elements. A painting begins with washing color onto canvas, allowing it to drip and dribble to make its own shapes. Later, the design is introduced, a profusion of color, texture and energy, sometimes handmade paper is added to the mix before the final detailing work, outlining with a fine point brush, highlighting lines and shapes.  All the time retaining remnants of the original background, adding balance, creativity and design to its spontaneity.  

Working with her unique style, color palette, and artistic flair gives an individuality to Cami’s work which is instantly recognizable, pulling together all her collected elements makes for a cohesive journey through painting, upcycling, 2D and 3D.

This inspiration is the result of a compelling childhood, cherished memories include visits to her grandmother’s home, her house filled with antiques, art and treasures. An upbringing filled with travel to Madrid, California, Texas and most memorably, Acapulco. Living there in the late 1960’s, Cami became influenced by the flower power scene and the designs and textures it presented. Her father worked for Disney and Cami became inspired with the graphic illustrations of Mary Blair, which were motivation enough to begin art classes upon her return to Houston in the 1970’s.

Studying illustration and oil painting eventually led to a career in advertising in the early 1980’s. Later starting a family and subsequently relocating from Houston to Magnolia in 1996 she established her graphic design company “Boyett Design”. Continuing to paint from the family home the need for studio space became crucial, so she and her husband built her “art cottage” for this purpose. In addition to her painting, Cami still runs “Boyett Design” today with a commercial client base which includes those in The Woodlands area.  

A recent collaboration with Birkenstock has resulted in a limited-edition collection of sandals featuring 2 of her favorite paintings, “Jubilee” and “In Living Color”. Each pair of sandals is completely different as the pelt is printed with the full painting, the pattern pieces are cut from this, so there are no repeats. These sandals are available via http://www.mgsandalfactory.com,  but you need to be quick, as this is a limited run of only thirty pairs per design and almost half have already gone! 

Current work includes an homage piece inspired by Grant Woods infamous painting “American Gothic”, Cami introduces her own personality to this classic using her colorful palette and signature style. This painting is the first in a new series acknowledging famous classics which are inspirational pieces and personal favorites. 

We are very excited to follow the continuation this wonderful creative art journey, and see more of Cami’s beautiful bright work in the future!



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