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Open flow through work spaces make the kitchen work.

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Canyon Cabinetry & Design

Try something new this spring

At Canyon Cabinetry & Design, the “Joanna Gaines effect” is dominating the world of home remodeling.

Stephanie Cano, one of the company’s designers, said that HGTV serves as a huge influence on the newest trends in renovation, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. According to her, client’s attitudes about their homes have led to a shift towards minimalist design aesthetics and decluttering wherever possible.

“It’s a combination between a mid-century modern and a rustic mid-century modern,” Cano said.

This look, which she dubbed “boho industrial,” has skyrocketed in popularity as people are looking to make their space brighter and more functional. Minimalist details like white countertops and blonde wood finishes are offset with an unexpected statement tone: black.

With an overall shift toward a lighter, neutral-toned palette inspired by our desert landscape, black has become a bold accent color in the form of cabinet hardware and other household fixtures. Combined with a resurgence in organic shapes and textures in wood, these two trends allow the space to feel less austere and can soften some of the bright white details.

“That pickup of color is actually making the white look a lot more stunning,” Cano said.

According to Cano, if you’re looking for more of a rustic feel in your kitchen, sage green cabinetry is the way to go. This color can be seamlessly integrated into the trendy neutral tones and can help bring a little bit of the outdoors inside.

These modern color schemes are further advanced with cabinet hardware, and Cano says that gold and matte black are replacing the standard silver finishes. Small details like those can help add industrial elements to a light and airy space.

“It’s like jewelry to the kitchen,” Cano said.

The biggest trend, Cano said, is people becoming more conscious of their spaces and designing with their lifestyle in mind, rather than aesthetic. In particular, her clients have been looking for a clean and uninterrupted environment to promote greater mental focus at home.

Her favorite way to achieve this balance is with “appliance garages,” built-in countertop cabinets that hinge upward and allow appliances to be tucked out of sight. These cabinets are the perfect way to declutter a countertop and achieve the minimalist look that’s so sought after. Overall creativity in organization is on the rise and she doesn’t see that trend slowing down anytime soon.

With all of these new design aesthetics in mind, Cano said that the most rewarding part of her job is working with clients to personalize their space around their needs and lifestyles. This family-owned business works tirelessly to ensure that their clients’ needs are met and she thinks that this personal touch helps people feel more understood.

“Our little company does really well because of the personalization of us,” Cano said, “When you love what you do it kind of shines through in business.”

  • Clean lines and fresh surfaces!
  • Open flow through work spaces make the kitchen work.
  • The key to good redesign: understanding how a family lives.