Men's Grooming

Salons are not just for woman anymore

Salons are not solely a woman’s world anymore. Men’s grooming has greatly evolved over the last 15 years. The Montana alpha male of years ago would never have dreamt of stepping foot into a women’s hair salon. Now, many men have chosen to embrace the process in all forms from more frequent haircuts, coloring and smoothing treatments, skincare regimens, waxing, and nail services. 

We now live in a truly global community and an even more media-driven world. We are often influenced not only by those around us but by the many trends we see from around the world. Finding a good stylist who can and will understand your needs is key. Booking more frequent appointments is a great way to get more organized and build a better relationship with your stylist and salon. Your stylist will then be able to better assist you in helping create a hair care routine that works best for you from washing to styling products that will aid you in your everyday life. Besides making sure that you are well-matched with the correct products and hairstyle, your stylist can also teach you different techniques to achieve a better end result. A great haircut will leave a lasting impression, whether it is for a wedding, job interview, or night out on the town. 

It can be that relaxing experience you never knew you needed or bring friends and make an outing of pampering yourselves. You will walk a little taller and feel a little better. Whatever it is that you need Capelli’s s is here for you with a very well-rounded staff dedicated to helping you find your perfect fit. 

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes,  we have you covered.

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