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Why monthly spa services are a pertinent stepping stone to wellness in 2022

Self-care has long been heralded as one of our best investments.  Long sought-after, health and wellness have never been more discussed than during this unprecedented season of a pandemic.  A bevy of spa treatments has been designed to make us look great on the outside and make us feel terrific on the inside.  Balancing physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness requires intention, and an excellent place to begin is remarkably simple:  scheduling regular facials at Capelli’s Salon.

Our skin’s appearance belies what’s transpiring underneath.  Hydration levels, stress, and dietary sins can eke their way out and show up on our faces.  Even one facial per month can be transformative.  They are immediately relaxing.  There is comfort in knowing one is dedicating the elusive commodity of time to oneself, and for the duration, one is resting.

A staple of a quality facial is the facial massage.  A good deal of tension lives in our facial musculature.  Facial massage can ease clenched jaws and tautness around the eyes.  Massage naturally increases blood flow in the face, stimulating collagen production and reducing inflammation.  This blood flow extends through the body, healing wounds quicker and stimulating cell reproduction.  

Estheticians can incorporate specialized tools into facials for specific benefits:  A gua sha stone used regularly can naturally carve out the contours of your face, giving a natural face-lift effect.  We also help clients understand how to protect their skin barrier.  Direct exposure to our harsh Montana winters rapidly increases aging.   Regular facials include repair treatments for this barrier alongside product suggestions to step up home care routines.

Give yourself intentional time to breathe.  Capelli’s spa treatment rooms can provide a safe space of quietness, peace, and tranquility.  Having a moment to close your eyes and focus on yourself can be one of the best investments you make.  Schedule regular appointments today at 406.586.1322.   Capelli’s Salon and Spa, 1401 Gold Avenue, Unit C, Bozeman.