Capturing Memories in Cinematic Fashion

TLIC Media Brings Your Vision to Life

Capturing the small things, the intimate moments, the first looks, the ceremony and the party, Chris Hiltz, of TLIC Media, sees it all through an artist’s lens.  From “how they met” to the “send-off” of the couple, he brings it all full circle by creating a cinematic production that rivals Hollywood’s best. 

“We paint a tapestry of audio and visual for the wedding and weave them together, creating the couple’s story. As a videographer, it’s important to be totally aware of what’s going on around you and be the fly on the wall, ready to shoot and frame the shot without anyone noticing. Being ready to capture the organic moments, things people will especially cherish in the end, such as the laughter, the smiles, the tears, the bride and her dad’s first look, the bride and the groom looking at each other and the intimate moments,” says Chris.

A couple’s budget can be stretched thin when planning for their dream wedding. Chris advises against cutting out the option of having a video made and knows plenty of couples who have expressed regret over making that decision.

“Our perceptions of an event change over time. The beauty of the video is that it invites you back to that moment. Instantly, it takes you back to how you felt and ignites your senses,” says Chris. “By giving you an insider look at exactly what and how it happened, not only what he or she looked like, but what they sounded like and how that moment felt. It’s a guarantee that your future perception of things won’t change. Having the video makes it all the more special to relive the most important moments of your life.”

With the help of four cameras, a drone and an extra set of hands, Chris makes sure that every moment is captured‑ even the audio.

“We will put a microphone on the groom if they want it,” says Chris. “Then we then can hear the whole day. We can hear all the conversations from the groom’s perspective as he prepares for the day and forward. We record the entire reception from start to finish. We capture the intimate moments that may occur between mom and son, between best friends, and many conversations that may be lost to memory.”

“It’s all in the details. When I had my wedding filmed, I thought about the things I would appreciate in 15 years. The audio was one thing that I wanted from my entire wedding. I wanted to be able to go back and hear the giggles between my wife and i when we stepped away for a moment and the intimate talk that we shared. That was very important to me, and I want to make sure I’m giving them what I would expect from my wedding and more,” says Chris.

“Our goal at TLIC Media, both photography and videography, is to keep the experience for our clients as personal as possible, and we do that by being in touch with tips and a schedule that helps them plan and prepare,” says Chris. “Before the wedding, we make sure we know exactly what they want out of their wedding day and what their vision is so that we can make that come to life in cinematic style.”

Chris says, “It’s great when we can do a documentary style and also when we do our cinematic style and make it very Hollywood. My preference is to shoot in a cinematic short story form, which is very natural and candid.  Either way, we capture the story of the wedding from how they met in the beginning, to seeing the families together at the wedding, and all the details that come together to create the story of their wedding day.” TLICMedia.com

“We paint a tapestry of audio and visual for the wedding and weave them together, creating the couple’s story."

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