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Capturing Senior Portraits That Will Last a Lifetime

How to Get the Most Out of Photo Sessions

During August, as summer begins to wind down, many people’s thoughts begin to look toward the return of fall and the onset of a new school year. As temperatures moderate and trees don their fall colors, it is the perfect time of year for high school senior portraits.

Every successful senior portrait project begins with selecting the right photographer to match your goals and your budget. Although there are numerous portraiture professionals in the Hendersonville area, there is no one who is a perfect fit for every client. Accordingly, prospective clients need to do careful due diligence before selecting their photographer.

Factors that need to be considered include style, flexibility, pricing, location, image delivery and personality. A careful review of prospective photographer portfolios can reveal a great deal about style and pricing. However, a face-to-face consultation is always best for determining client-photographer compatibility. Good chemistry between the photographer and the client is critical.

Once the photographer has been selected, there are several other factors that need to be considered before the portrait session. To help you achieve the best results, local professional photographer Rick Murray (Memories By Murray) offers a few hints and tips to help you get the most out of your portrait experience.

Memories By Murray


Posing Tips

1. Most seniors prefer outdoor portraits. Natural light photos look best when captured during early to mid-morning or late afternoon due to flattering lighting conditions.

2. Do not rule out overcast days. Colors can be more natural and pleasing when there is no direct sun.

3. Prior to the session, the senior should be asked to select favorite items and clothing that best reflect their personality. Examples include sporting items, musical instruments, awards, etc. Pets also add a personal touch.

4. Tell your photographer about any specific poses/family groupings you want.

5. Often times, seniors want some of their friends and/or family members included in some of their photos. Be sure to alert the photographer in advance so that appropriate settings and poses are included.

Styling Tips

1. Women should avoid shiny makeup. Powder can be used to eliminate excess sheen.

2. Men should avoid haircuts right before the session.

3. Avoid clothing that is white or has bright red or magenta colors as these colors tend to bleed.

4. Bring multiple outfits to showcase different interests and styles.

5. Don’t overuse clothing with patterns.