Car Medic: Your Car Will Thank You

            “Over the river and through the woods in a super clean car we go!” Never mind the destination, many people are just happy to be driving their car anywhere these days. On the upside, there’s less traffic, and once again we can crank up the stereo, put the pedal down, and cruise out onto the open road. And now that the winds have shifted, cleaner air reveals more open roads to elsewhere.

            We have observed a trend that people are investing time and accessories into and onto their cars to make them cleaner, more stylish, and more comfortable to drive. In north Orange County in one week alone we spotted a 1957 Chevy, a 1968 Shelby Mustang GT, and a tricked out “Back to the Future, part 2” Delorean!

            While not everyone can own a classic, the ride must still have class. Many classic car owners missed their annual car shows this year, but showing off their ride is just one small part of owning such a vehicle. Clean, refurbished convertibles and polished near-classics are making a comeback and turning heads on the side streets, too. Each weekend proud car owners are throwing off their car covers to rumble down the road for the most average things in a distinctly not-so-average way, like meeting friends for coffee or to watch the grandkids at their sporting events, and celebrating the game by taking them out for pizza afterwards. There is a thrill in driving, most car owners admit, and the pride of taking care of a nice automobile, but the best part is being able to take friends and family along for the ride.

            The Chavez family, owners of Car Medic in Yorba Linda, is all about riding things out together such as many businesses had to do to survive the year. They knew early on that sticking it out together and adapting the business was the best way to thrive, which they did by taking on a new, larger 8,500 square foot location in Savi Ranch and offering new services beyond the bread and butter of scratch and dent repair.

            Another priority was to create more partnerships with clients and community. Car Medic takes not only sick and injured family cars, but also high-end model automobiles to fix scratched paint, dents, and other cosmetic flaws. “We do see a lot of high-end vehicles coming through,” says Devinn Chavez. “As a partner of Maserati of Anaheim Hills we work on plenty of Maseratis. Some of the more notable vehicles we've seen come through in the past year include a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Bentley Bentayga, and a BMW i8. I'm thankful to have a loyal and dedicated team who are excited to support our company vision to create a chain of shops here in California with us.” 

            Working together with family can sometimes make the 9-5 feel like 24/7, but there’s fun in there, too, with lots to be thankful for. “Working with family can be very rewarding, but at the same time it seems like the lines between work and personal life begin to get blurred. From accidentally answering personal phone calls from family and friends with our business greeting of "Thank you for calling Car Medic," to trying to find other things to talk about other than business at family dinners. Being owners of small businesses is something to be thankful for regardless of the challenges that appear before us. It has definitely tested our family bond while bringing us closer at the same time.” 

            Through the lens of a business owner, this year has sure been a bumpy ride. From COVID to civil unrest and beyond, it seems as if the year 2020 could only have been created in a science fiction novel! Car Medic pushed past challenges to end 2020 with class, by leaping into a new location, hiring more team members, and offering custom paint jobs using House of Kolors paint, which really stands out from typical automotive finishes, always with fair pricing to help out-of-pocket paying customers.

            “We find so much to be thankful for,” says Devinn. “The moral support of family has been critical, and of course we are also thankful to still be in business. Finally, we are thankful for our loyal customers in the community who have continued to bring us business and referrals. We love being in Yorba Linda and to build relationships here. We are going to keep looking forward.”

            Car Medic is located in the Savi Ranch shopping center at 22911 Savi Ranch Parkway, Yorba Linda. 714-984-3795.

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