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Cara's Wonderful World

At home with Atlanta & Company's Cara Kneer

Meet superstar television reporter, Cara Kneer and her beautiful family. Our photographer, Jolie Loren, captured the joy and playfulness of Cara's crew. We sat down with her to dip into her busy life. 

You got your start in broadcast journalism in 2008 as a reporter in Salt Lake City. Now, you grace our morning television viewing as co-host on 11Alive's Atlanta & Company. What does your average (!) day look like as a working mom with three small children. 

There are many great things about my job, but, at the top would have to be the freedom it allows me to take my daughter to school and be home when the boys get off the bus! I'm up early helping my husband get the boys ready for school. Then, I take my daughter to her preschool at 9:00 and arrive at 11Alive shortly after. I am out of the studio by the early afternoon most days. We went to a shorter show at the start of the pandemic, and we haven't gone back yet to our previous 90 minutes. It just depends on the day, but if time allows, I'm sneaking in a walk at the park or running to the grocery. All the things that need to be done. We usually eat dinner together depending on the kids' activities, but there is rarely a night with nothing to do. I'm at the stage of life where I fall into bed at 9:30 exhausted. My husband and I are still just trying to finish Ozark!

You bought your home in 2014 and in 2019 took it down to the studs to build your dream home.

Architect Jeffrey Bruce Baker, helped us design a minimalist treehouse retreat. We wanted to keep the footprint of the home, but make it more accessible for our family of five and our frequent guests! The focus while designing was bringing the outdoors inside, having just the right amount of space to keep organized, and help with the flow of a busy daily life! I think we accomplished that. We love our home. We feel like we live in the jungle, but can still walk to restaurants, the grocery store and a nearby nature preserve, too. 

While a backyard pool makes hot summer days more fun, how will your family be spending time this month?

James is 9, Isaac is 6 and Liza is 2. We have been into encouraging them to explore and giving them more responsibilities in general. We love to walk over to Blue Heron Nature Preserve or to Chastain Park. Our spring and summer is filled with lots of baseball - playing and watching.

And, on the occasional date night, where do you two sneak off to?

My husband, Lee, is a sports medicine physician for Emory University. He is the head team physician for The Atlanta Braves. It was such an amazing experience watching them win The World Series last year. It was cool to be a tiny part of the magic in a city we've adopted as our own! If we do get a date night, we are pretty low key. We will try a new restaurant or walk to a local neighborhood bar. We love 10 Degrees South, Le Colonial or any of the stalwarts in our neighborhood.

In your job, you have the wonderful opportunity to shine a light on amazing people in our community and groups making a difference. 

My friend Becky is the volunteer librarian for The Boyce L. Ansley School, which is a tuition-free, private school for children who are experiencing homelessness. She got me involved and I had the honor of hosting their first gala this year. It's an incredible place and I hope it continues to be generously funded so we can get the resources and help to kids who desperately need it. I urge all your readers to check it out - the teachers and administrators are so passionate and committed to excellence. It's a beautiful place! 

You have our attention! We are such big fans. Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know about Cara's Wonderful Summer?

Thanks for asking me to be a part of it!! Relax, kick back and just enjoy each other. Life is precious. Let's spread kindness and try to be grateful for where we are in our particular journey! It's perfectly yours. Enjoy it. Cheers!