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This Mortgage Lender Knows Where Potholes Are In Financial Roads And Knows How To Navigate Around Them

At Cardinal Financial, the priority is to be client-focused about purchasing or refinancing homes and to anticipate and address each client’s needs, with the goal of leaving them smiling.

Cardinal Financial is a nationwide direct mortgage lender that provides modernized home financing solutions, including the way home loans are obtained with unrivaled transparency, simplicity and value.

Meet Bryan Connatser.

Bryan is Cardinal Financial divisional vice president, a local native Texan, husband to his high school sweetheart, and an experienced, knowledgeable lender. “I joined the mortgage business Aug. 8,1994. I told my wife at the end of that week I'd found the business I'd be in for the rest of my life. I loved it then and I love it today.”

He's eligible to assist with funding loans in just about every state. One of his skills:  “You should answer customers' questions or put them at ease before they even ask the question. Eliminate anxiety or worry. Explain the whys.”

Bryan says some of his greatest joy comes from being able to assist repeat clientele and their families. "I’ve helped generations of home buyers. Parents, their kids, then their kids have children.”

What's one of your most fulfilling customer experiences?

“Recently, we did a cash out loan where we helped the customer with a product that allowed them to pay off debt and significantly increase their cash flow…literally a life changer.”

How has the hot, local real estate market affected your business directly with resources?

"In the last 15 months, we've worked more hours as a collective team than I’ve worked in the past 27 years. I've never seen the real estate market this crazy. This is very different from the 2012-2017 timeframe where the local area saw a huge influx of buyers in that it's even more stringent due to inventory. There's a conservative estimate for every single home for sale, there are three buyers."

Bryan credits being able to keep up by building the “WIN TEAM" – his staff with hearts of service who handled record-level volume in 2020. Now 2021 is pacing to exceed the volume levels. “The team doesn’t miss a beat. They're able to provide immediate responses. We're able to cover our customers with love and service.”

Introduce the WIN TEAM.

Stephen Brady, product manager and licensed loan officer for 20 years--Once he and Bryan joined forces, their service level exploded.

Jennifer Nicholson, loan officer–She joined the team in 2018 and serves as a VA expert, specializes in assisting military veterans to find ways to say “yes” when others don’t know how to.

Jessica Alfaro, relations manager–Since 2017, she's maintained special details that strengthen and sustain relationships with customers, realtor partners, builder partners and clients. Cardinal Financial customers receive birthday notes, closing gifts or thank you gifts, all because of Jessica.  

Brittany Cronenworth, processor--With her can-do spirit, she handles the underwriting process in such a way that clients describe it as the easiest thing they've ever done.

Kyla Blassingame, divisional production manager (AKA the office unicorn)--She has the highest capacity, partnered with excellence. She's affectionately referred to as the umbrella that covers everyone. 

What's unique about your business?

“I talk to them about our process and what we do for them. We're able to alleviate stress," promises Bryan. 

He researches and generates numbers upfront on the exact house the customer is looking at online then provides them with payment estimate and other important information. He states they hit the numbers every time and even come in lower. "Customers never have to worry about a gotcha.”


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