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'Care Moore' Initiative

Which Nonprofits Will Receive Incredible, Complimentary Creative Services Opportunities?

Area branding and marketing executive Carrolee Moore recently launched a new initiative in collaboration with a group of fellow creative business owners who share her heart for community service.

Earlier this year, in the midst of helping to take care of her father in his last days, Carrolee says God gave her a vision to be a blessing to others using her gifts and talents. "He also made it clear I wouldn’t be doing it alone."

As CEO of CMC Marketing Company, Carrolee works with identity and cohesive marketing goals each day. "However, one of our five core values as a business is faith. Not just faith in a higher power, but faith that things will be better, greater and more impactful in the future. At the core, that's what we're working toward as a business on behalf of others," she says. "Now, we get to do that for nonprofit organizations as well."

Carrolee believes nonprofits are the hands and feet of each community, selflessly serving the most vulnerable. She shares that her new "Care Moore Initiative" endeavors to provide these change agents with the foundation they'll need to become more appealing to donors and grantors. By that "foundation," she means offering up to $15,000 in pro bono creative services that will aid nonprofits in future fundraising efforts.

Other professionals who joined Carrolee are Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa, of Olivia Ogren-Hrejsa Photography; Tyler Burns, of Artistry & Light; and Pam Takesh, of Marni G Designs.

Each year, Carrolee vows to "adopt" a nonprofit and assist them with brand design, photography and videography. Selected nonprofits will enjoy a free night of fundraising on North Texas Giving Day.

"Our 2023 goal is to add legal, tax and fundraising pro bono services to further assist the recipients. Ultimately, creating the opportunity to meet more of the operational needs for nonprofit organizations than previously imagined," she adds. 

Applications for potential 2023 recipient nonprofits open during November. To suggest a worthy nonprofit, email

The inaugural 2022 Care Moore recipient is LatterHouse Decor, a nonprofit that serves domestic violence survivors. (Coincidently, LatterHouse Decor was just featured in the October edition of Frisco City Lifestyle.)