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Caring for Mom

5 Ways To Care For Mom When It's Time from The Bridge at Greeley

Article by Caitlyn Olson

Photography by Photography Provided

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

We all love our parents, and as they get older, no one knows how to care for them better than their family. However, it can be hard to know where to start when it's time to get them the assistance they need beyond what family can provide.

The Bridge at Greeley offers the finest in assisted living for seniors looking to enjoy their retirement thoroughly and for families seeking to ensure the safety and health of their loved ones. Caring associates and staff strive to enhance each resident’s well-being with a wide range of services and amenities, all while encouraging residents to live as independently as possible. 

So when it’s time to care for mom, here are five steps to keep in mind from The Bridge at Greeley:

1. Plan Ahead 

Having a plan will significantly reduce stress for everyone involved. Talk about what mom wants when she needs more assistance than she can get from family, finances, and long-term care insurance. Ensure that all decision-makers are aware of the plan.

2. Recognize when the time has come 

Things to watch for: falls, memory issues, social isolation, or decreased physical ability. When mom can no longer prepare nutritious meals, or keep up the household, it may be time to get some assistance.

3. Explore Options 

Assisted living should be considered if mom needs any or all of the following: 24hr oversight, medication administration, socialization, nutritious meals, housekeeping, or transportation to medical appointments. Talk to your local professionals to know which facilities best suit her needs.

4. Get your ducks in a row 

Getting paperwork in line is never fun, but you will thank yourself later for having things like medical and financial POAs appointed, a living will in place, knowledge of, and copies of all insurance, Medicare, and vaccine cards. 

5. Implement your plan

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get mom the assistance she needs. If she moves to a community, get her on a waiting list to make the transition smooth. Any Assisted Living community will require Doctor’s Orders, assessment from community care staff, and first month’s rent. 

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