Cars On The Coast

A Private Collection of Dreams

Cary Thigpen has been an avid car collector for the last 14 years. He was gracious enough to share with us (and you) his personal and unique collection of cars on the coast for this month's edition. 

His personal collection is housed at "Da Barn," and features 22 cars in total. 

For 25 years Cary Thigpen owned and operated a hardware store in Mobile while his wife was a school teacher. After a successful transition into the wood treatment business, he chose to retire and pursue a passion he'd had for many years. The oldest of his collection is a 1911 Buick. The latest in his collection is a 2008 Lamborghini. 

"I used to enjoy and do a lot of offshore deep-sea fishing. When I started collecting cars, I stopped doing so much of that." When asked if he has plans to add additional cars to his collection he says "Yes, but don't tell my wife. I joke with people that at my funeral on the bottom of the pamphlet that says thank you for coming," It will say "over" on the bottom. When you flip it over it will say head to "Da Barn" after services for a car auction." 

One thing is for certain, Cary Thigpen has not only a wonderful collection of classic and luxurious cars but also a healthy sense of humor. We at GCCL appreciate his generosity in sharing these beautiful and rare finds. 

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