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Carter’s Boots to Host Grand Opening

Carter’s Boots and Repair has been a part of the Bozeman community for 30 years and will soon be moving to a brand-new location at 1662 Bobcat Drive. The grand opening is set for June 24 and according to owner Jeff Carter, it will be a “boot scootin boogie” complete with swing dancing and a live concert.

Originally known as Carter’s Cobbler Shop, the business started out on East Main. “I had formerly worked for Schnee’s,” Jeff said. “Eventually I got the machinery myself and we made the move. We were just a repair shop then, and I added the retail about 1997 and it started to really grow. The move to Bobcat Drive finally happened this past January.”

Carter’s prides themselves on being a family-run company too. Jeff’s middle son Garrett began working with him in 2015 just part-time and continued all through college. “He runs a good chunk of the repairs, does most of our advertising and all of our online and social marketing,” Jeff said. “He is also a very good salesman!” Jeff still oversees the entire operation and does a majority of the repairs himself, although not as much in their Kenetrek shop. “Repairs can be very simple, like just a rivet or a stitch, or they can be very complex, like a complete rebuild of a boot,” Jeff said. “We basically tear an item apart and put it back together. Using all new materials we repair an area that is torn, or dog chewed, or just wore out. I learned the basics from my old boss, taught myself a lot of stuff through the years and then passed that down to Garrett and other employees as needed.”

One of those other employees was Shauna White Bear, the maker of White Bear Moccasins. Shauna went to work for Jeff in 2017 with no thoughts of moccasins even on the horizon. “At some point, she decided to make a pair for her then boyfriend,” Jeff said. “It gave her a great outlet for her creativity. As time went on, she worked less for me and more for herself.” Shauna moved on a couple years ago after working full time at Carter’s and now she makes several stock styles as well as custom moccasins. All are made from buffalo leather and sewed by Native Americans. “Shauna is such an amazingly creative person,” Jeff said. “She is rocking it and will go far, as well as being the sweetest person you’ll ever meet!”

When asked if he has a favorite type of boot, Jeff said, “I really like all kinds, but they can be very different. It all has to be handmade though, I wouldn’t waste my time if they weren’t.” Jeff said he likes work boots like the Nicks, Franks and Whites, hunting boots like Kenetrek and cowboy boots such as Black Jack.

“One aspect is comfort support and functionality, the other is beauty,” he said. “Leather is a beautiful, functional medium to work with so the cowboy boots can be all of those practical things and art, too.”

Carter’s can also provide custom boots. “When we order a custom boot, we will measure and fit for the perfect boot, and completely design it with you every step of the way,” Jeff said. “Every single thing that you see on a boot can be designed to your desires or specifications. From the toe and the heel to the color, stitch, height, and scallop, you name it we do it,” he said.

In a word of rushing around and cheap throw-away things, Carter’s strives to take the time to do things right, whether it’s a repair or getting someone into the perfect pair of boots. “We want to give the best customer service that is possible and develop lasting community relationships,” Jeff said. “It’s what we do.”

The store is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.and from 9 to 5 pm on Saturdays. For more information you can visit the store at 1662 Bobcat Drive or check out the website at