Casey Dittmer

Western Colorado's Maternity Photographer

High above the Grand Valley, perched among the rock formations and wildlife, a camera lens peeks out from behind a branch to catch the spring storms rolling through, while a stunning mother-to-be stands glamorously in front of nature's backdrop. Confidence exudes from the glowing subject as she stands tall.

Casey started her photography journey in the early 2000s, and it was easy to see that something special came from the images she captured. Now, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Casey is known among photography experts as an industry-leading expert willing to be bold. She was recently recognized as the Rise International Maternity Photographer of the year, as well as Wedding Portrait Photographer International top 100, recognizing her standout style and artistic flair. 

Between spending her time snapping unique, stylized images for local infants, seniors, and families, Casey is also called on to be behind the shutter for celebrities and icons. You can find her work featured in magazines across the globe or catch her teaching up-and-coming photographers. 

Even with all of the growth and success, Casey feels strongly about keeping her roots (and her company) here in Grand Junction. “I love to travel, gathering inspiration and techniques from all over, but it also shows me how fortunate we are to live in such an amazing location with a hugely supportive community. My clients are truly the best and I can’t imagine having my home base anywhere else.” Continuing to set the standard, Casey and her family are happy to call Colorado’s Grand Valley their home and always look forward to sharing its beauty in the next session, knowing what a special place it is. 

Learn more about Casey at cdittmer.com

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