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Cat Crew Rescue

Sophia Sembos is Making a Difference

Considering a new pet? Why not adopt a kitten or cat in need of a forever home? Sophia Sembos of Cat Crew Rescue would highly recommend it.

The retired attorney founded the 501(c)(3) in 2018 after volunteering with other rescue organizations. “I felt that I wanted to do it on my own,” she says. “A few of the volunteers I worked with joined me to start Cat Crew Rescue. That was four years ago.”

The organization’s mission is to rescue, rehab, and rehome homeless cats with care and compassion. Foster families take on the care of the cats until permanent homes can be found. Adoption fees cover the costs of all cat's medical care, including vaccinations, neutering, and deworming. The cats are fully vetted prior to adoption.

“Some people like to foster kittens, some prefer adult cats,” says Sophia. “Most people want kittens because they are a quick turnover—they are adopted so quickly. Fostering an adult cat is more of a commitment.”

Non-socialized cats are a unique challenge, which Sophia herself undertook years before starting her rescue. “I rescued my cat, Champ, from an organization in New York City called ‘Cats on Death Row,’” she says. “He had been hit by a car and lost a leg. I thought it would be a great project for my kids, but at first, I thought I was in over my head. It took about a year and three surgeries, but now, he’s our favorite.”

Over 25 volunteers are working with the organization. “I have someone who manages our social media accounts and people who foster, transport, or contribute to food or vet bills. We also have volunteers who make blankets for the cats. Every cat in our rescue gets a blanket to keep that helps them transition by having something familiar with them.


  • Sophia Sembos with rescued kittens.
  • Lorenzo & Liliana (Adopted from Cat Crew Rescue)
  • Publisher Anthony Rizzo with Lorenzo and Liliana that were adopted from Cat Crew Rescue