Cats, Compassion and Community

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton provides crucial services for local cats and pet parents.

Whether you're considering bringing a feline companion into your life or want homeless cats to be cared for, the Humane Society of Greater Dayton (HSGD) has got you covered. As a leading no-kill shelter in the area, they offer a range of initiatives centered around cats. From their MeowZa! Cat Boutique to their Community Cat Initiative, the HSGD is dedicated to finding forever homes for cats and ensuring their welfare. 

The MeowZa! Cat Boutique is an innovative and extremely cute pet store inside the Dayton Mall operated by HSGD. Cats who are ready to be adopted (socialized, spayed or neutered and vaccinated) can be adopted right inside the mall, giving them a second chance at happiness. Their knowledgeable volunteers can also help you find the right food, toys and beds to pamper your furry companion.

Cats can have three litters per year and up to four kittens per litter. Euthanizing cats doesn’t actually help keep their population down. Instead, the HSGD focuses on their Community Cat Initiative, which spays or neuters and vaccinates community cats. By prioritizing the needs of community cats, the Humane Society ensures their well-being while also reducing overpopulation.

“Then their numbers decrease through attrition, as nature intended,” says President and CEO Brian Weltge.

The well-being of local animals is so central to the Human Society’s mission that the Greater Dayton headquarters has opened a veterinary hospital for families to bring their pets. This is a low-cost service for all Montgomery County residents and their pets.

“We have beautiful new facilities. We built out a full-service hospital to serve the underserved in our community. There are people who love their pets like anyone else does, but they have a financial barrier. We want to help people where they are,” says Brian. “I’m so thankful to our donors, our board and our team who helped this vision become a reality.”

Apart from cat adoption and fostering, there are numerous ways to support the Humane Society of Greater Dayton’s mission to build a community in which all animals are valued and free from suffering and life is enhanced through the relationship with pets. One notable opportunity is the Fore Paws Golf Classic, happening August 28 at the NCR Country Club. Organizations and groups can purchase opportunities to golf as a foursome, sponsor a hole and ultimately support the lifesaving work happening at the shelter through their participation.

On November 18, they are hosting their 32nd Annual Pet Afflaire Gala at the Dayton Arcade. This event includes a gourmet meal, auctions and treats on silver platters for the pets who are welcome to attend. 

The HSGD is a true champion for animal welfare in the community. Their innovative approaches to adoption, veterinary practices and even fundraising are making a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them. For more information on the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, visit

Adoption Tips 

Adopting a cat can be a joyful and exciting experience! Prepare for the commitment starting with the following tips.

Consider safety. Ensure your home is a safe environment by removing toxic plants (like lilies) or even just closing windows. Create areas for perching, scratching and resting.

Take time to budget. Having a pet requires regular check-ups, vaccinations, and occasionally emergency care, as well as food, treats and toys.

Evaluate your lifestyle. Each cat has a unique personality, just like people. Talk to the HSGD about what you’re looking for in a pet, so they can help you find the right fit.

Try fostering a cat. When you foster you are actually helping twice as many animals. You welcome one cat into your home, but you also free up cage space at HSGD so that the shelter can then welcome another homeless pet in need of help.

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