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CeeLo Green is not your normal, larger-than-life neighbor

There has never been a more incredibly honest way of describing this man than the title of his 6th solo album released in 2020; CeeLo Green is...Thomas Callaway (the name he was born with).  World-renowned singer, rapper, and songwriter, CeeLo Green has certainly made his mark on the global music scene as being a dynamic, out-of-the-box, forward-thinking, flamboyant recording artist.  But, in the quiet of his home in Fayette County, there is a great sense of comfort, peace and introspection. “We enjoy the space, the fresh air, the embrace of a small community; a very loving and supportive community,” said CeeLo, “it is almost like I know all of the trees by heart; it’s as if they are always there to greet me.” 

A self-described nature boy, CeeLo Green exploded onto the music scene in 1995 as a part of the three-man group, Goodie Mob with their album Soul Food. After several other inspired record releases, CeeLo embarked on his first solo project in 2002 entitled CeeLo Green and His Perfect Imperfections.

Just comparing these two releases, one can truly see the breadth and width of this man’s incredible talent.  Whether it’s a solo recording or a recording with any number of his unique musical groups, it is always CeeLo.  From Goodie Mob to Gnarls Barkley or Gnarly Davidson, his hip-hop, classic soul, funk, rhythm and blues speaks to CeeLo’s diverse vocal style that seems to all stem from his upbringing in the church.  “Both my mom and dad were ministers, and therefore gospel is both inherited and inherent; the gleeful, joyful praise of music is the origin of all and so, therefore, it stems from the core of a person, especially when you are spending so much time in the church environment.” 

It is obvious to all that CeeLo Green was greatly influenced by a lot of people who were committed to the Christian faith and that those years greatly influenced the young musician and his evolution as an artist.

Over the years CeeLo has performed inspired duets with Daryll Hall, Kasey Musgraves, and Timbaland. “I like a lot of what young artists are doing today; I would work with almost anyone but not everyone,” admits CeeLo, “I would like to aid and assist in taking artists further by incorporating “the antique'' with new trends and styles.”  

CeeLo Green has reinvented himself countless times throughout his music career.  “I think that before it is all said and done I may have one of the most textured and diverse discographies ever.”  CeeLo also believes that music is role play and that his many faces, shapes, forms and fashions come from the reanimation of emotion in his singing; “I actually want to be everything to everybody.”

An Atlanta native CeeLo believes that “like most things in life you become a product of your environment, especially an artist because it’s paralleled with a deeper sense of self-awareness.”  CeeLo went on to say that as an artist, “you deal with the duality of not only your environment but also of your imagination.” 

CeeLo’s pivotal years were spent watching and being heavily influenced by Friday Night Videos, an '80s television show that aired in Atlanta that showcased all of the great records of the time.   While artists like Lionel Richie and Billy Joel can be counted as two of CeeLo’s greatest musical influences of all time, he has a much different view of song and songwriters now than he did then. “I guess when we were young you were not as concerned with who wrote the song but the song itself.”  And while that might have been the case in the ’80s, today, not only have people come to know CeeLo Green’s soulful and rich book of music, they have also come to appreciate him as a songwriter, as a poet and as a constantly evolving performer.  

Knowing that with fame comes responsibility, CeeLo offers some sage advice not only to musicians but to everyone.  His work hard and authentic point of view is as true today as it would certainly have been back at the most influential periods of his life.  “It’s quite hard out there and you must dare to be different, to distinguish yourself,” said CeeLo. Social presence, originality, persistence and productivity are essential for survival and success in the music industry.   Always remember that “you have a built-in advantage because you are the only you. So, be honest with yourself and be honest with the audience.”

For CeeLo, his home in Fayette County represents the beautiful struggles and successes in life.  “We enjoy the commute and we enjoy turning into the driveway,” said CeeLo. With the Goodie Mob’s new album, Survival Kit and more Gnarls Barkley on the horizon, we can always depend on something daring and fresh from CeeLo Green, just as “you can always depend on the sun to shine in Fayette County.”

CeeLo's latest album CeeLo Green is...Thomas Callaway is currently available for download or streaming on most popular music sites. 


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