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Celebrating 35 Years in Business in 2022

Vintage Reconstruction

Vintage Reconstruction originated in Boerne in 1987. The company is a third-generation general contractor with Leon and Darcee Grivel as owners/operators today. “We specialize in insurance claims reconstruction for residential and commercial properties,” explains Darcee.

Vintage Reconstruction can also remodel your home or finish out a business. They are unique in Boerne because they can make custom cabinets on-site. The company also does roofing repair; however, unlike other roofers, the crew will work inside a home or office as well.

Because they are a local Boerne business and have their offices, warehouse and cabinet shop in Boerne, they are able to respond quickly to emergencies. In fact, they have a social media ad that offers a donation of $100 to your favorite charity if you call them with an emergency need.

The Grivels believe in giving back to the community. Darcee sits on many Boards of non-profits and donates her time, company hours, and funding to many people in need or crisis.

Examples of Vintage Construction’s work include a kitchen insurance claim that morphed into a remodel for the owners. Since they make cabinets from scratch, many can create their dream cabinet. As the news reported, there was huge devastation to the Coast when Hurricane Harvey hit a few years ago. They contracted to rebuild and remodel a commercial condo project, which resulted in many happy clients.

As stated on its website, Vintage Reconstruction is a full-service residential and commercial restoration contractor specializing in insurance claims. “Hopefully you will never experience a disaster to your home or business. But if you do, will you know what to do? What to expect? Vintage Reconstruction can help you immediately following a disaster, including contacting your agent and coordinating everything for you.”

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