Celebrating Self Care

In history, women have been considered the caretakers. Often being viewed as nurturing, ones primarily running the household, raising children, and an essential foundation for their spouse in a partnership. Oftentimes, people who find themselves in these caregiver roles sometimes look back and forget the last time they did something nice for themselves. Self-care promotes relaxation and the ability to boost your physical and mental health, as well as boost your confidence. Growing up, I often heard the term “look good, feel good”. When someone truly feels like their best self, there is a different, stronger confident energy given off. The Capelli’s team focuses on specializing each experience for each guest by finding the perfect way to help you look and feel your absolute best through a multitude of services. Ranging from simple haircut services, luxury facials, microblading, and so much more! Capelli’s owner, Kim Alexander, started in the hair industry, but quickly evolved Capelli’s into a one stop shop with the most recent addition of permanent makeup.

Permanent sounds intimidating, but it helps eliminate the amount of time getting ready can take. A form of cosmetic-tattooing, Capelli’s services for permanent makeup range from Microblading to Lip Blushing. Eyebrow enhancement is a popular service in microblading. At Capelli’s, Kohl and Melissa are your in-house experts. Kohl is a master of microblading & powder brows. Microblading is a semi permanent technique for enhancing your eyebrows with fine, hair-like strokes with a custom color to match. Microblading provides a more natural look; filling in the eyebrow gaps with what appears to be hair for a fuller brow. On the other end of that spectrum is a Powder Brow; which can also be broken down into a “combo brow” or an “ombre brow”. The Powder Brow technique provides a finished makeup look, appearing like you filled in your brows with a brow pencil. Both Kohl and Melissa offer powder brows, while Melissa goes on to offer Lip Blushing and stretch mark removal. Lip Blushing is an enhancement of lip shape and color with a fine tattooing technique. Stretch Mark Removal is a technique that stimulates the skin’s healing technique, producing more collagen and elastin. With the rigorous training and education they’ve been through, they can help you attain your ideal eyebrow and permanent makeup goals to determine what service is the perfect service for you!

Nestled upstairs, you’ll find a warm and cozy room filled by Capelli’s only esthetician and current article author-Lily. Esthetics services currently offered at Capelli’s range from head to toe body waxing, to eyebrow laminations, to deluxe facials. The eyebrow services offered include shaping/waxing, laminations, and tints. 

The biggest draw of waxing is being able to ditch your razor; whether it’s shaving underarms every other day or dealing with dreaded razor burn. While waxing isn’t the most relaxing service, it’s still viewed as self-care. If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to indulge, try a customized facial. The different tiers of facials offered are:

Express Facials, Custom Facials, and Luxury Facials. While each facial is customized based on your skin’s need, they all have the same staples of a quality spa facial. These facials can include tranquilizing scalp, hand, arm, shoulder, face, and foot massage. Each product used has been chosen specifically for you to leave you glowing and confident. 

While giving facials and educating people is part of the reason she does what she does, the most important part to Lily is providing a safe space to unwind and relax..

Capelli’s is well-known for hosting “spa days”. A primary part of every spa day is a manicure and/or pedicure. Our resident nail technician, Alanna, is the nail expert with over two decades of experience, and knows all the professional tips and tricks to make your nails sparkle! When asked what her favorite services to perform, Alanna stated “Hands down manicures. I love the boost in confidence it can give a woman. It’s something that seems so small, but can make such a huge impact on how they view their day. Whether they’re reaching for a cup of coffee or shaking hands to close a business deal, anytime they catch a glimpse of their freshly done nails it just conveys ‘I’ve got this!’ It also allows me to be face to face with my clients. One of the best parts of being the service provider is creating close relationships and important connections with my clients. I love being able to see the same people every couple of weeks and hearing about what is going on in their lives. To watch people grow, change, and succeed fills our cups just as much as the service does for them.” 

It’s been established that in today’s world, women are always on the go. The Capelli’s team wants to help your mornings start with ease, by waking up with flawless lashes. Not only does Kohl also provide eyelash extensions, our esthetician Lily also provides lash lifts and tints. Eyelash services provide an extra boost of confidence by adding that “makeup free” look.

An essential part of Capelli’s is the styling team. The stylists work ceaselessly to make sure everyone in their chairs leave the salon feeling like the best versions of themselves. The hair team is made up of eleven women with extensive color and cutting experience. Besides basic cuts, colors, balayage, and highlights; there are services offered such as deep conditions, cellophane treatments, color corrections, perms, Brazilian Blowouts, and extensions. The extension providers here have been trained in multiple methods, and can guide you in finding the extensions right for you. You can even book a consultation to decide if extensions are the right fit for you.

Taking care of yourself is not only a luxury, but a necessity. In today’s world where women constantly give, it’s time for women to give back to themselves. Oprah Winfrey once said “It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allow us to keep looking for new adventures.” At Capelli’s, we love being the ones to help you renew your confidence, as well as boost your spirit. Find our salon on Schedulicity, give us a call at 406-263-2009, or stop into say ‘hello” at 1401 Gold Avenue.

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