Celebrating the life of Nina Kapur

Every once in a while someone enters our life who possesses that special something that can’t be put into words. This person has a gift for making others feel loved, valued and understood through their warmth and kind gestures. Being around them inspires us to live our lives with more passion and purpose, and motivates us to pursue our wildest dreams. Friends of Nina Kapur will tell you that Nina is that one-in-a-million, special person. She is the friend who makes you feel like you are the only person in the room when she talks to you, the daughter who is by your side when you need it most, and the co-worker who volunteers for the toughest assignments, touching everyone she meets with her humor, compassion and infectious smile.

Nina is a native of Newtown, and a graduate of Council Rock North High school. Known for her unwavering drive and determination to make a difference in the world, Nina had ambitious goals, even as a teen. She attended Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, graduating with honors in 2016 with a degree in broadcast and digital journalism. Just a few years out of college, she had already worked on-air in Maryland and Connecticut, before landing her dream job as a reporter at CBS2 in New York, at the age of 26. Her close friend, Emily Gifford says, “She absolutely loved New York and everything it has to offer. She couldn’t wait to start working there.” Her first day on the job she posted “Pinch me #NewYorkCityNina” on Instagram, before starting the day in her favorite city. Her talent as a journalist stemmed from her innate ability to connect with people, and her genuine interest in their stories. Close friend, Sara Preciado notes, “She always made me feel heard when I talked to her. That’s why she was so amazing at her job. No matter what the topic was, she really listened and cared.”

Though Nina became very busy with her new position, she never failed to make time for friends and family back home in Newtown. She shares a very special bond with her parents, Monica and Anup, and her brother, Ajay. She was also blessed to be part of a very close-knit group of 7 friends who have been like sisters to each other since high school. “She was so effortlessly thoughtful and kind. She brought an incredible light to our friend group”, Emily said. “She made everyone feel like a best friend. While a lot of people would lose touch with each other, she would never let that happen with any of her friends.” Most recently, Nina had been covering the Black Lives Matter movement and the local impact of the pandemic in New York. Sadly, this past July, there was a moped accident in Brooklyn, just outside the city she loved so dearly. However, Nina continues to live on through those who love her. There has been an outpouring of love and support from the Newtown community, Syracuse University, CBS2, and beyond; a testament to the many lives she has touched over the years.  As friends begin to share memories of her, many remarkable stories of her small gestures of kindness have emerged, some even surprising those who are closest to her. One friend shared that Nina stayed up all night with her to help her perfect her maid of honor speech for her sister’s wedding. Another friend shared that she sent handwritten letters of encouragement to him while he was at boot camp. Others note that she never missed a birthday – sending cards to friends so that they would feel special on their big day, even if she had plans to see them in person shortly after.

In each of these stories, one thing is abundantly clear: Nina inspires all of us to be a better version of ourselves. As her friend Emily wrote: “She made life look so worth living. There isn’t a trip she didn’t take, an adventure she didn’t go after, a moment when she didn’t live life to the fullest. I wanted to live life like Nina someday, but now I want to live like her today. Because life is too short, and you never know what tomorrow will bring.”

Nina’s friends and family are committed to preserving her memory. To honor Nina, they have created a scholarship in her name that will recognize students at Council Rock North who demonstrate academic effort and civic engagement, with a preference for those planning to major in Communications or Journalism. If you would like more information about contributing to the fund, please visit the “Nina Kapur Memorial Scholarship” page on Facebook or Instagram, or visit

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