Central Oregon Radiology Associates Celebrates 75 Years

The Long-Term Success of CORA Includes State-of-the-Art Technologies Plus High-Quality Customer Care

Central Oregon Radiology Associates, P.C. (CORA) founded by Charles E. Donley, is celebrating 75 years of medical imaging services in Central Oregon.  During the past 75 years, CORA has grown substantially in terms of services offered and its many affiliations and partnerships.  Today, CORA is the largest, most well-known, and respected medical imaging practice in Central and Eastern Oregon.

“Radiology is inherently a technology-driven field and when Dr. Donley started CORA 75 years ago, the technology and the number of imaging modalities available were limited—it was primarily considered x-ray and fluoroscopy,” says current CORA President, Dr. William Wheir III.  “Since CORA was started, the field of radiology has experienced the development and implementation of multiple modalities including CT Scan, Ultrasound, MRI, Interventional Radiology and Nuclear Medicine including PET Imaging,” he adds.

“Over the years, CORA has stayed on the cutting edge of medical imaging by prioritizing the implementation of the latest equipment and hiring radiologists from the best training institutions in the country,” says Dr. Wheir. “The number of advancements in medicine and patient care during the last 75 years is staggering.  Radiology has been at the forefront of many of those advancements.”

The ability to refine and improve the process in which a diagnosis is made reduces the need for, and severity of, treatment interventions. “Early detection of disease is a fundamental goal in imaging, which includes screening exams like mammography, where the goal is to detect disease at the earliest possible stage and thereby dramatically improve a patient’s prognosis,” says Dr. Wheir.

In addition to early detection, advancements in radiology-based procedures and techniques are developed every day, contributing to better patient outcomes.  “Interventional Radiologists have always been pioneers in developing minimally-invasive image-guided procedures that result in reduced recovery times and lower patient morbidity and mortality rates,” he adds.   As recently as five years ago, patients underwent extended hospital stays for procedures that today can be achieved in an outpatient environment due to advancements in Interventional Radiology.

As the current president of CORA, Dr. Wheir has made it a priority to grow with advancements in technology all while keeping up with the increasing population of Central Oregon.  He continues to recruit radiologists who come from some of the most respected training facilities in the world. Those physicians and partners come to Central Oregon because of their shared values and priorities. 

 “We strive to treat each patient like a member of our own family,” says Dr. Wheir.  “CORA has been committed to providing the highest-quality patient care with the latest technology possible since founding our practice 75 years ago and we plan to continue into the future.” 

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