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Chair the Love

How one local organization is providing equipment and services to people with mobility issues

There is much to be learned from the discovery of one’s calling and the journey that leads them there. Who could have guessed a single trip would forever change the perspective of Glen Mather and the lives of handicapped individuals all around the world? 

In 2004, Glen Mather's life changed when he received an invitation to participate in a distribution sponsored by the Wheelchair Foundation in Mexico City. What began as a simple opportunity evolved into a transformative experience. Witnessing the joy on individuals' faces as they received mobility aids for the first time ignited a passion within him. Giving wheelchairs became more than just providing a means of mobility; it offered a chance at a new life. This encounter not only shifted his perspective but also sparked a call to action. 

Glen followed his heart and got to work, collaborating with the passionate Jason DeBono and Barbara Welch from their Trust company in Orlando. They quickly began raising funds to reach an entire container of mobility aid. From Hero Games to golf tournaments and even virtual dinners, they began attracting individuals with the same passion of restoring mobility to those who could not afford wheelchairs. These actions quickly paid off as they soon introduced Augie Byllot to their group, who then rallied his large group of real estate students and professionals to get involved.  

Their efforts led to the establishment of Chair the Love, a licensed non-profit organization. Since then, they've significantly impacted lives by installing ramps, providing mobility devices to schools, and addressing the needs of handicapped individuals worldwide.

Chair the Love welcomes all interested in gifting mobility to join and contribute to creating smiles globally. Members embark on a journey that changes lives and offers fulfillment through impactful societal contributions. Whether actively participating or admiring from afar, they embody the rewards of discovering one's purpose and effecting lasting change.

The act of giving wheelchairs was much more than gifting a seat with wheels.

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