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Chandler Teen Cal Sink is Already Making a Name for Himself as an Artist

Cal Sink, 15

What inspired your interest in art?

My grandpa inspired my interest in art. When I was young he taught me how to draw and paint. When I won the Statewide Peace poster contest, I knew I wanted to take art more seriously. Since I was young I have loved creating art, and now I draw every day.

What type of art/medium do you prefer?        

I am constantly experimenting in new mediums and trying to learn new ways to draw and paint, but my favorite mediums are watercolor and drawing. Currently I am working to improve at digital art.

Any favorite types of subjects?

My favorite subjects are definitely animals, I love drawing animals and I have recently taken an interest in drawing and designing cars.

Do you have a favorite creation so far?

I don’t have a favorite creation so far and I am generally pretty hard on myself when it comes to my art because I am constantly trying to improve. However,  it has been a lot of fun doing watercolor pet portraits recently because I have pets and know how much they mean to people. 

What are your future goals?

My goal is to become a famous artist, I love drawing and painting, and I am determined to improve. When I recently had the amazing opportunity to have dinner with the famous watercolor artist Morten Solberg, I knew this is what I wanted to do.

To purchase Sink's artwork or for a commission, find him on Instagram at, or text him at 480.207.0537. He is also launching a YouTube channel called Breezy Art.

  • Cal as a young child with his grandfather.