Change is in the Air

Haven Air Conditioning is expanding their scope of service with integrity and strong leadership, from father to son.

Mighty Ducts, the Orange-based HVAC company, is getting an exciting new makeover with a new name: Haven Air Conditioning. As an Orange County native can tell from the previous name, there’s no doubt about the Laux family’s passion for HVAC service, and, of course, hockey. Andreas Laux founded the company in 1997 when Mighty Ducts served primarily commercial clients. The Mighty Ducts brand has been their pride and joy for almost 25 years. What started as a commercial duct cleaning company has grown into a full-scale HVAC enterprise, hence the need for a fresh new look.

As Andreas’s family grew with his wife Marie and their children, the family business grew along with it. Each of their children has contributed in some way, with Julien now co-owner of the company manifesting a new future for the “comfort we provide to our clients with HVAC products, installations, and the quality of relationships we develop with our employees, clients, and vendors.” Haven Air Conditioning offers the same excellent HVAC service with comprehensive, custom-tailored comfort solutions for busy clients.

At the heart of everything they do, says Julien, is the integrity his father Andreas modeled with applications for life and business. “While growing up, dad was both fun and challenging. He coached most of my hockey teams and had high standards for school and everything I endeavored to do. My friends all had a lot of respect for him, and they thought his German accent was awesome! My dad emphasized the importance of integrity, which means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Once, when I was about 6, he found $800 and returned it to the man who didn’t even know he had lost it!”

Andreas is proud of his children, Julien, Audrey, and Sean Andrew, and is confident that Haven Air Conditioning will set a new standard of excellence in-home service under Julien’s leadership. “Being a father means everything to me,” says Andreas, “especially when you look back after they’ve grown into young adults and realize they are truly the best of you. Sharing this business venture with my sons is such a blessing.”

The striking positivity of the Laux family has helped create genuine community partnerships that are sure to drive their success. “We are proud to be among amazing business leaders and companies who have shown us that when you live your values and focus on the desired outcome,” says Marie, “there is infinite potential to achieve your goals. Offering a thriving work environment for our team members is how we can best serve our clients and community! Our true purpose is lifting each other up where everyone can grow, excel, and thrive.” 

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