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A Wellness Revolution

D-Fine Mind & Body Wellness Focuses On Long Term Results

Joe Carabase, founder of D-Fine Mind & Body Wellness in Glastonbury, is pioneering a new way to manage stress and transform your body. 

“Traditional weight loss is broken. People are sick of following a super restrictive diet, taking another pill and or get invasive surgery only to end up worse off and frustrated.” Joe says. “Our holistic technologies accelerate the process so that you only have to focus on making a few lifestyle changes at a time.” 

Stress is at an all time high and must be factored into the weight loss process according to Joe. “Simply just working out more, dieting harder or surgery doesn’t tend to work long term.” Joe says. “Cortisol plays a massive role in storing fat, especially around the midsection and especially for women.

Joe believes the focus should be on increasing your metabolism, rather than just what the scale says. “Weight loss happens as a byproduct of increasing your metabolism. Due to hormonal fluctuations and water retention, you can’t control weight. However we can manipulate your metabolism to respond faster. We’ve been able to help women in the heat of menopause fit back into clothes they never thought they could wear again.” Joe says. 

One of the more popular services Joe and his team offer at D-Fine is “The POD,” which increases your metabolism up to 40 percent for 24 hours. 

D-Fine is most well known for holistic body fat spot reduction treatments where you get red light body contouring pads that wrap around your trouble areas that shrink the fat cell, decrease inflammation and improve skin quality. 

Joe acknowledges that people are often skeptical when they see the word “shortcut” related to fitness, but that his holistic approach is backed by research and first-hand experience. 

“Shoot, I was skeptical when I first learned of this technology. However after experiencing over a half inch reduction off my waistline before a natural bodybuilding show, I knew there had to be something to this.”

It turns out, he was right. Red light was developed by NASA in the 1980s and there have been over 50,000 clinical studies relating to red light and fat loss. The average patient loses over 1 inch off their waistline after just 10 minutes of their introductory treatment. 

Joe believes in transforming your mental fitness in addition to your physical fitness. As a young boy, Joe was relentlessly bullied and developed very poor self esteem. “A big part of what drives me is to help people actually feel really good about themselves.” Joe says.

If only the bullies who picked on him as a kid could see him now. Joe is a published author, shined on multiple fitness reality shows and serves as Great Day Connecticut’s Fitness Expert. He’s built multiple brands in the fitness world in Connecticut and Florida and has worked with some of the most well-known brands in the fitness industry, including Men’s Health and Beachbody. 

Joe is a trained Voice Dialogue facilitator and a Certified Hypnotist, helping patients with a range of challenges from low self esteem to struggles with cravings and much more. 

D-Fine Mind & Body Wellness

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“Goals are not just about meal plans or ... the pounds someone wants to lose." 

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