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Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

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Herbert and Carolyn Bloomberg originally intended to bring a little bit of Broadway to Minnesota. When the couple cut the ribbon on Chanhassen Dinner Theatres in 1968, they were determined to turn the Twin Cities into its own capital of the musical theatre world.
To the Bloombergs’ delight, the Minnesotan approach to musical theatre had an auspicious start. Their company’s 1971 production of Fiddler on the Roof was a smash hit, and I Do! I Do!, which debuted during the same year, would become the longest-running play to feature its original cast in American history.
Over time Chanhassen Dinner Theatres added a comedy club, a concert series, special events and presentations, and the ever popular Brindisi’s Pub. Today it encompasses 90,000 square feet and employs 300. Yet despite having grown so much over the past half century, every experience Chanhassen Dinner Theatres offers remains distinctly Minnesotan.
“That’s what makes us so unique,” said Kris Howland, public relations director for Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. “Our professional dinner theatre company is completely Minnesota-made. We employ our own designers and artistic teams to create our scenery, costumes and props. Our musicians are all members of the Twin Cities Musicians Union, and our local actors belong to the same union which Broadway players must join. This ensures that the talent on our stages is equivalent to what you would find at any Broadway production – and that is to say it is the pinnacle of the performing arts.
“Honoring our commitment to local and professional talent demands more work, but you cannot compromise when your only goal is to present outstanding musical theatre. Our current production of Footloose, which is scheduled to run through January of next year, comes to mind. I love this musical because there is so much substance to its story. It’s about joy, living your life, fighting for what’s right, and building bridges between older and younger generations.
“But as much as it pains me to refer to the 1980s – which wasn't too long ago – as a ‘period,’ Footloose is also a period piece. We know we can’t give our audience a genuine feeling of nostalgia without paying close attention to every detail. That’s why our costume designer Rich Hamson discovered a clothing store which closed during the ‘80s and still had its original inventory in stock. With the exception of a single piece, every prom dress worn by the Footloose cast is vintage.
“We’re best known as a dinner theatre, but our entertainment venue truly has something for everyone. Just downstairs from our Main Stage sits the smaller theatre where we host Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret. It features hilarious improv, where the actors make up comedy on the fly as the audience provides suggestions, so no two nights’ shows are ever the same. Stevie Ray’s casual atmosphere and $28 admission price make it the perfect outing for any Friday or Saturday evening. And if you can stop laughing long enough to eat, you can enjoy dinner at Stevie Ray’s as well.
“We have yet another stage, the Fireside Theatre, for our Concert Series which has now been going on for a decade. In July alone we will feature An Evening of Emmylou Harris, Gladys – The Music of Gladys Knight, The Best of the Beatles 1967-1970 featuring the Shabby Road Orchestra, You’ve Got a Friend, a James Taylor tribute, Church of Cash, a Johnny Cash tribute, Candy-OH!, a tribute to The Cars, and Steeling Dan, a tribute which begs no further explanation. Our expansive variety of concerts presents something for everyone to enjoy, and each month brings several new and exciting shows. Be sure to ask about our amazing concert package pricing!
“Brindisi’s Pub is always a pleasant place to spend a summer evening. There you can sit on the patio and enjoy either of the day’s two happy hours. Our guests can enjoy live music at Brindisi’s on Thursdays from 6:30 to 9pm. Chanhassen Dinner Theatres also makes a marvelous venue for a wedding. We have two distinctive spaces and all the equipment to host large and memorable receptions and ceremonies. We also offer one of the Twin Cities’ most vibrant, fun and interactive summer camp experiences for kids and teens with ChanDT Musical Theatre Camps. Our camps run throughout the summer, but spots fill up quickly. It’s always best to sign up well in advance!”
To learn more about and purchase tickets to Chanhassen Dinner Theatres’ upcoming shows, please visit

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres is now hiring servers, bartenders, cooks, security officers, and all the other special people who make the greatest shows in Minnesota possible. Apply online today at ★

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