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Baked Potato Soup

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Charleston's Adds Warmth to their Menu for Fall

Holiday traditions are steeped in familiarity and mouth-watering food around the table. Charleston's is a known name in the Valley and offers a plethora of delicious fall favorites with an ambiance that is meant for family togetherness.

The casual, upbeat atmosphere at Charleston's is equal parts warm and cozy, utilizing dark woods and gas fixture lighting. This, coupled with a modestly priced menu makes it a hot spot for festivities this fall. American classics abound, prepared from scratch daily with the highest quality ingredients. 

Comforting dishes such as the decadent baked potato soup, topped with bacon, chives and cheese; barbeque baby back ribs, slow-cooked and falling off the bone; grilled pork chop, made on hardwood and grilled with mashed potatoes and baked beans; and the popular enchilada plate, filled with grilled chicken, Monterey Jack and enchilada red sauce, will leave everyone satisfied and ready for the season. 

  • Grilled Pork Chops
  • Enchilada Plate
  • Baked Potato Soup
  • BBQ Ribs