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Charlie's Angels

The energy at Five Parks Animal Hospital is palpable. You have to meet the squad!

Article by Libby Furns

Photography by Scott LeBaron

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Introduce us to the pictured team of 3.

“Charlie’s Angels” - we are a dynamic team!  Together, our individual strengths make us a powerhouse female ensemble. 

Susan (Co-owner, Hospital Administrator) - emulates “Alex” who is the businesswoman of the group.  She is quick-witted and always ready with a clever retort. 

Page (Co-Owner, Veterinarian) – emulates “Dylan” who is resourceful, applying her “street-smarts” to veterinary medicine on a daily basis.

Ellen (Associate Veterinarian) – emulates “Natalie” who is optimistic and loves to dance as she sharpens her ninja surgical skills.  

Is there such a thing as a typical day at work?

Every day is unpredictable in veterinary medicine. We have the joy and sorrow of caring for both healthy and sick pets, young and old alike. One minute you are cuddling an adorable puppy, the next minute performing oral surgery, while the next minute helping to guide a beloved family member over the rainbow bridge. 

Do you feel like a hometown hero? 

As practice owners, we feel strongly the title of hometown heroes pertains to our staff.  COVID-19 has led to veterinary professionals having to work under unusual and stressful circumstances. The pandemic has forced veterinary hospitals to transform the way they do business. Concierge/drop off appointments, over the phone communication, extra cleaning and training protocols have made jobs more complicated and working-hours longer. Anxiety is at an all-time high, but our employees persevere in order to keep clients #1. 

What is the vision of Five Parks?

Our vision involves changing the paradigm of veterinary medicine to improve the client experience.  We challenge the norm of more appointments in less time, higher patient load with less resources and longer hours with fewer breaks, for we believe in an intimate, tailored-made, personalized experience for each patient. 

We believe employment in the veterinary community is a privilege. Five Parks employs a highly qualified staff in a positive, supportive and inspiring workplace.  Our staff members are energized and given every resource to help promote good mental health.  Clients and patients alike receive first-rate care as a result of a well-rounded and invigorated veterinary team. We truly believe...happy vets lead to healthy pets! 

What is one story you will never forget? 

We were introduced to Pluto, an elderly dachshund, who was unfortunately plagued with two debilitating diseases upon our first meeting.  Not only did Pluto suffer from hindlimb paralysis due to a bulging disc but he also had a sizable intraabdominal mass.  His owners had consulted with multiple veterinarians in search of someone who would remove their dog’s tumor.  However, time and again, they were told the location of the mass was too challenging and the prognosis too grave.  Surgery was not a viable option.  However, one of our staff surgeons agreed to take on the task.  He successfully removed Pluto’s tumor and his recovery was incredibly smooth.  We located a wheelchair for Pluto and he took to it immediately.  Not only did he take off trotting upon first introduction to his new wheels but the smile on his face was undeniable.  Within a few months Pluto regained hindlimb mobility and he was able to walk on his own again.  Pluto gained another year and half with his owners that otherwise would not have been possible without the compassionate and dedicated care of his veterinary team.       

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